BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’: one to watch out for

This coming week the BBC programme ‘Hardtalk’ will be featuring an interview with Israel’s Minister of Economy and Commerce, Naftali Bennett.

 The programme will be shown on February 24th and 25th on the BBC News channel and also on BBC Two and the World Service. Its synopsis reads:

“Just how stable and sustainable is Israel’s coalition government? Prime Minister Netanyahu currently relies on the support of Jewish Home, a right-wing religious Zionist party strongly supportive of the settler movement. What happens to that coalition as the Americans try to push Israel towards a land-for-peace deal with the Palestinians? HARDtalk speaks to Naftali Bennett, leader of Jewish Home and Israel’s economy minister. Is the Israeli right about to splinter?”

Hardtalk 24 2

18 comments on “BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’: one to watch out for

  1. Naftali Bennett is sharp and articulate, as well as completely fluent in English. I relish seeing him put the BBC announcer in his / her place.

  2. They forgot that beside Bennet there are Lapid and Livni who have 25 members against 12 of Bennet. But than there are not right wing religious so better not mention them.

  3. I doubt he’ll put anyone in their place, seeing as he’ll have no independent legal advice that agrees with what he’ll say.

    Will be fun to watch him trash himself, again.

    And free too, on the good old iPlayer. Not a penny spent.

  4. Just listened to most of it before an interruption. Sackur refused to acknowledge Bennett’s point about Israeli withdrawal invariably leading to attacks by the Palestinians from the very areas the Israelis vacate but preferred to try to hammer Bennett about his differences with Netanyahu.

    Well, I suppose it is ‘Hardtalk,’ but it’s also standard BBC practice to ignore the multiple faults of the Palestinians as if the Palestinians are all sweetness and light and the Israelis the oppressors.

    I thought Bennet did well.

  5. Watched it – he didn’t come out well, did he? Bit of a EDL kind of guy, very greasy, very smug, very ill informed on international law.

    As expected, Sackur wiped the floor with him.


    • Rubbish. Bennett gave as good as he got. After he had pointed out several times that Sackur had nothing to say about the fact that Israel’s land for peace concessions result not in peace but in Palestinians attacking and killing Israelis, Sackur eventually mumbled that he is against killing on both sides.

      Typical mealy-mouthed BBC evasion. In fact, they are only concerned when Palestinians are killed.

      • I’ve only been able to watch a clip so far but noted that Sackur called one of Bennett’s explanations “a fallacy”.

        Biased BBC?

        Does a bear s**t in the woods?

        Is The Pope a Catholic?

  6. Awesome! I love how Naftali Bennett doesn’t pull punches. IMO, the only thing that he didn’t say and should have is how the announcer was clearly cherry-picking to make Israel look bad.

    • He told Sackur, “The only problem with your approach is that it has nothing to do with reality, beyond that it’s perfect.”

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  8. Excellent. It was very heartening to see an Israeli push back and not be swamped by the interruptions and talking over. I thought Bennett came across very well and made a strong case, again and again about relinquishing land and then being punished.

    The only thing missing in my opinion, was the fact that the Arab League is responsible for the refugee problem and that it should be down to them to solve it.

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