BBC report on “Israeli boy’s death” totals a sentence and a half, fails to name victim

An article titled “Gaza conflict: Israeli boy’s death ‘will intensify ops” appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on the evening of August 22nd. The BBC’s report allots a sentence and a half to the subject matter of the story as presented in its headline.Article 22 8 Daniel T

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said military operations will “intensify” after an Israeli boy was killed by fire from Gaza.

The four-year-old died in a mortar attack on a southern Israeli village near the Gaza border.”

The caption to the photograph used to illustrate the article states:

“Mr Netanyahu sent his condolences to the boy’s family and accused Hamas of firing the rocket that killed him”.

The BBC’s report is time-stamped 20:11 GMT. By that time the name of Daniel Tregerman – the four and a half year-old victim of a mortar attack by terrorists firing from the vicinity of a school in the Gaza Strip – had already been made public.  

Notably, despite particularly heavy fire on the Israeli communities close to the border with the Gaza Strip in recent days, no BBC correspondent has filed a report from that region or anywhere else in southern Israel.

13 comments on “BBC report on “Israeli boy’s death” totals a sentence and a half, fails to name victim

  1. BBC does not givez a damn for israelis dead nor christians nor muslims except…fake palestinians! Those are A million per cent important,no one else!

    • Sadly I have to agree with you. The fake killings of Palestinians are taken at face value in spite of the latest one being analysed and disproven. Still all the major TV networks are running the ‘Palestinian killed by Israeli sniper while searching for his dead family’ story. Despicable!

  2. No Golani – when Hamas order children into tunnels to die or to surround missile launchers with the aim of getting them blown up they don’t bother taking their names.

    They are expendable.

  3. It has long been obvious that for the MSM, Jewish blood is cheap. The only blood of any value is that shed BY Jews. Hence the largely indifferent coverage on the near genocide occurring in Iraq and Syria.

  4. A guy got shot during a robbery in Mexico City today. Guess how many sentences Times of Israel devoted to the story, and guess whether they named the victim.

    That’s right, Zero, and no.

    Get a grip on your megalocentric world view.

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