BBC’s Paul Adams makes correction to audio report

As was pointed out here recently, the audio version of Paul Adams’ report about a Syrian man given medical treatment in Israel included the following statement:

“Well, if you drive about an hour and a half west from Haifa, you come to this place: the wind-swept Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.”

One member of the public who obviously noted the same point took to Twitter to inform Adams of his geographical error.

Adams twitter convo 1

However, Paul Adams did manage to edit the report to cut out the word ‘west’ from the recording and thus correct the error.

Adams twitter convo 2

It is refreshing to see a BBC journalist responding so quickly to a member of the public and making effective efforts to correct an obviously genuine mistake. 



6 comments on “BBC’s Paul Adams makes correction to audio report

  1. You’re right isn’t a correction and rare and beautiful thing from the BBCAND. Of course only something totally silly and innocuous and obviously mistaken serves to be corrected. The mendacious omission of facts, misreporting and politically distorted reporting goes uncorrected.

    Howard Morris


  2. As expected, the prophet Duvidl’s 10th prophecy from below the BBC Watch article of 18 February monitoring Paul’s idiocy has come to pass; i.e. a stealth-edit with no acknowledgement of BBC Watch’s existence, monitoring or apology to the British £145.50 p.a. licence fee-paying public generally.

    Of course there will be no financial or disciplinary consequences for Paul from his corrupt BBC employers for any offence caused to Jews or the democratic Jewish state by this and his history of irrational Isra-hate scribbling. The obverse of this picture is what might happen to Paul if he were to promulgate his idiocies about, say, Egypt’s government, like Australian journalist Peter Grester of Al Jazeera, just released from jail by dictatorial fiat, or about Islamic State.

    • N.B. As another example, Paul should also take a look at this article on what he might now expect for making a “bad mistake” like calling Turkey’s leader “average” on Facebook or in his idiotic Twitterings:

      “Calling Turkish President Erdoğan ‘average’ now a criminal offense
      A doctor is on trial and could receive up to two years in prison for insulting President Erdoğan with a Facebook post suggesting he is just as religious as the average Turk.

      Psychiatrist Ahmet Koyuncu is facing up to two years in prison for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on popular social media platform Facebook. The offending post suggested that Erdoğan represented the average Turk in both demeanor and religiosity….”

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