A question for BBC News

In light of the ‘Mossad stole my shoe’ story recently found in both the mainstream and social media (see examples here, here, here, here, here and here), this seems like a very apposite – if not long overdue – question.

Hillel Neuer tweet

Mind you, the promotion of crazy conspiracy theories never prevented Abdel Bari Atwan from being a BBC frequent flyer.

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4 comments on “A question for BBC News

  1. A Duvidl question for the corrupt BBC:

    What did Greg Dike (Former director-general of the BBC and now head of the British Football Association, currently moaning sanctimoniously on BBC TV about Sepp Blatter and FIFA corruption) know about the paedophile and necrophile activities of the late BBC child rapist and necrophile for 52 years, Sir Jimmy Savile?


    “…He is most notable for his tenure as Director-General of the BBC from January 2000 until 29 January 2004, a position from which he resigned following heavy criticism of the BBC’s news reporting process in the Hutton Inquiry. He is the chairman of children’s television company HiT Entertainment and has been Chancellor of the University of York since 2004….”

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