BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – June 2015 & Q2 2015

The Israel Security Agency’s report on terror attacks during June 2015 (Hebrew) shows that throughout the month a total of 123 incidents took place: 69 in Judea & Samaria, 51 in Jerusalem and three incidents of missile fire from the Gaza Strip. Two Israeli civilians were killed and eight people wounded in those attacks. The agency recorded 98 attacks with petrol bombs, two stabbings, four shooting attacks and 16 attacks using explosive devices.

The three separate incidents of missile fire from the Gaza Strip occurred on June 3rd, June 6th and June 23rd and in some cases multiple projectiles were fired in what the agency records as one incident. None of those attacks were reported by BBC News in English at the time but the Israeli responses to them were reported on the BBC Arabic website. A BBC News website article which appeared on June 10th made a vague reference to some of the incidents prior to that date.

BBC News ignores missile attack from Gaza but BBC Arabic reports response

The pattern continues: no coverage of Gaza missile attacks in English but BBC Arabic reports Israeli response

Yet again: Gaza missile attack ignored by BBC News but Israeli response reported in Arabic

Neither of the two fatal shooting attacks which took place on June 19th and June 29th were reported by the BBC in English but they were mentioned in articles appearing on the BBC Arabic website.

BBC ignores another terror attack on Israelis – in English

BBC coverage of Ramadan terror ignores attacks in one country – in English

Non-fatal incidents which took place during June were also ignored.

More Palestinian terror ignored by BBC News

In short, with the exception of one brief and very vague later reference to missile attacks during the first week of the month, there was no BBC reporting on terror attacks against Israelis throughout June 2015.

Throughout the first quarter of 2015 the BBC reported on less than 1% of the terror attacks which actually took place. During 2015’s second quarter 0.76% of terror attacks were reported by BBC News but none of the three fatal attacks which took place received any coverage whatsoever in English.

In summary: throughout the first six months of 2015 English-speaking BBC audiences were informed of just 0.85% of the terror attacks against Israelis and received no coverage of any of the attacks which resulted in fatalities.

Q2 terror

The BBC Trust’s definition of the corporation’s public purpose remit titled ‘Global Outlook’ states:

“BBC viewers, listeners and users can rely on the BBC to provide internationally respected news services to audiences around the world and they can expect the BBC to keep them in touch with what is going on in the world, giving insight into the way people live in other countries.”

Clearly that pledge is not being met with regard to terrorism against Israelis and the knock-on effect of that omission is that audiences are unable to comprehend the context to the Israeli counter-terrorism measures such as border restrictions, the anti-terrorist fence or checkpoints which do feature extensively and regularly in BBC content.

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10 comments on “BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – June 2015 & Q2 2015

  1. you killed over 531 Gazan children with a total of 2,300 civilians and left 10,000 in jured or permanently disabled, left over 100,000 homeless and 18,000 homes demolished plus a carnage that was hard to believe! go to hell!

    • Wow. What a nice person you are. Your callous response regarding Israeli deaths ‘go to hell’ demonstrates your desire to bring peace and harmony to that region, does it?

      Educate yourself. The figures you quote are unverified and were given by Hamas, a terrorist organisation. Those figures are refuted: the numbers of civilians were not civilians but were Hamas fighters.

      What a tragedy that so many Gaza children perished. Hamas uses them as human shields and builds terror tunnels rather than bunkers to safely house their citizens when the IDF is at war with Hamas, not the Gaza people.

      In war, people die. To imply that the IDF deliberately kill is disgusting. How dare you tell Israelis to ‘go to hell’ and expect me to stay silent.

    • The deaths in Gaza were brought about ONLY because of Hamas’ unprovoked attacking of Israel and occurred despite every effort by Israel to minimize the deaths (along with every effort by Hamas to maximize them). In contrast, the attacks that the BBC chose not to report against Israelis were intentional and meant to cause injury and death. There is nothing in common about the two other than the fact that they both demonstrate the Arab desire to cause harm and the Israeli desire to minimize it.

      • Agree with you 100 per cent! But trying to change anti-Semites such as ‘Anita Bruckner’ and ‘The Highland Rebel’ into human beings with a reverence for the truth and respect for life is like trying to change the moon into a balloon. Thanks for your wise words.

  2. I have always mistrusted the equation fewer killed = lesser crime.

    Does this mean that a single individual victim is, somehow, less dead? The crime, if indeed it is a criminal killing, is surely an absolute one, and one cannot plead mitigation because fewer people were killed (although some do).

    There are obviously other criminal consequences of harm, which may be magnified relatively, in a larger-scale killing. But these should be treated separately, surely, as there may be mitigation of these effects which is self-evidently not applicable to the life that has been lost.

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