Another example of the BBC’s double standards on terror

When members of the Belgian and French security forces carried out an operation in a Brussels neighbourhood on March 15th in connection with last November’s terror attacks in Paris, the BBC had no doubt what the story was about and used accurate language to describe it to audiences.

Reports appearing on the BBC News website included the following:

Brussels report 1


Brussels report 2


Brussels report 3


Compare that portrayal to this BBC report from December 2013 which included the following revealingly punctuated statements.

“A Palestinian man is killed and at least four wounded after Israeli troops launch a “counter terrorism” operation in the West Bank.”

“Israel said its forces opened fire after being attacked during “counter terrorism activity” in the camp.”

Compare it too to this politicised February 2016 BBC portrayal of Israeli counter-terrorism measures (in this case a brief road closure) as “collective punishment” against Palestinians.

Once again the double standards so often evident in BBC reporting of terrorism related stories in different locations are on display.

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4 comments on “Another example of the BBC’s double standards on terror

  1. There is absolutely no doubt that the BBC is run by arabists examining every incident in the world looking for a way in which it can broadcast a “report” to put Israel in a bad light.
    The problem is that this campaign is working – thus giving more power to the elbows of anti-Semites.

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