Happy Pessah!

Wishing all our readers celebrating the 7th day of Pessah a very happy holiday.

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One comment on “Happy Pessah!

  1. Thank you for your good wishes Hadar and what better gift for Passover than the Exodus of Ken Livingstone! I know Ken of old, in fact when I lived in Maida Vale he was the downstairs tenant in my house. He has always latched on to what he perceives as “popular causes” with the Left, in the 1970s it was the IRA and later it was Islamic extremism, in the form of El-Qaradawi who wants to throw gays off high buildings and believes that wife-beating is a good thing. I have personally heard Livingstone state openly that “the founding of the State of Israel was a mistake”. People like him of course always assume that the British had something to do with founding the State of Israel, through the Balfour Declaration (!). His latest ruse was to pal up with Lutfur Rahman the corrupt mayor of Tower Hamlets who was finally kicked out. It should not be forgotten either that Ken was kicked out of the Labour Party and stood as an independent, let him do it again, he won’t be so lucky this time. That is despite the fact that of all the candidates to Labour’s National Executive Committee he got the most votes.

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