BBC One documentary about antisemitism in France

Those who missed the recent documentary on the subject of rising antisemitism in France which was shown on BBC One under the title “Never Again: Fear And Faith In Paris” can find it on iPlayer here (UK only) or here.


4 comments on “BBC One documentary about antisemitism in France

  1. The real reason of antisemitism in France is the fact that freance NEVER WANTED TO RECOGNIZE AND ACCEPT A VIABLE STATE OF ISRAEL. France” accepted reluctantly a non viable State of Israel until 1967 but as soon as Israel became viable after the 6 days war general dégueule(meaning vomit) ande all of next french governments did all they could to destroy Israel and continue. Of course arabs are a factor too but they could do nothing in absence of the governments’ anti Israel Policy and its medias and their lies.

  2. vVrulent anti-Semitism is in the Quran. There are 6.5 Million Muslims in France. The government have absolutely no control over them, which is why there are 751 no go areas in which the police and the gendarmes do not enter.
    10 years ago the Muslim population in the UK was 1.5 million Muslims, have doubled their population and now there are 3 million. Once Muslims reach that level in any given country they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of population, Jew hatred is endemic in Islam, the Quran teaches Muslims to hate Jews and to destroy them. Read the Quran and educate yourselves.

  3. What I find continually puzzling are those who identify themselves as “leftwing”, yet support and sympathise with murderous, misogynistic, ultra-conservative religion, committed to the destruction of The West. It’s ironic that Islam has absolute hatred toward those who regard themselves as leftwing, as Islam’s adherents would strike progressives down in an instant. They are polar opposites.

    Yet “The Left” has an implacable hatred toward Judaism, who’s adherents have done nothing in the way of terrorism toward Britain and France and have done nothing else, but contributed to the world.

    What is going on here?

    When I ask “leftwingers” why this is so, I get a barrage of indignant abuse, labeled a fascist, a racist and the subject is closed down without any answer forthcoming.

    I’m leftwing, I don’t identify with any religion and despise terrorism, which in my mind is the ULTIMATE form of racism. It is total destruction of a person or persons because of who and what they are.

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