BBC News fails to report another Gaza missile attack to English-speakers

At around 11 pm on May 25th missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel with one projectile landing in open ground in the Sha’ar HaNegev district. The attack was apparently claimed by a Salafist group. Later in the night the Israeli air force responded with strikes on two Hamas installations in the Gaza Strip.

There was no reporting of that attack on the BBC’s English language website but the Israeli response was the subject of an article which appeared on the BBC Arabic website.BBC Arabic report response missiles 25 5

Since the beginning of 2016 the BBC has not reported on any of the missile attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israeli civilians living near the border in the English language. However, Israeli responses to those attacks have received coverage in Arabic.

January 1st: BBC News ignores Gaza missile attacks, BBC Arabic reports Israeli response

January 24th: BBC News ignores Gaza missile attack again – in English

March 11th: BBC News continues to ignore missile attacks on Israelis – in English

March 15th: missile attack not reported.

May 6th: Patchy and selective BBC News reporting of Gaza border incidents

May 25th: missile attack not reported, response reported in Arabic.

That pattern of reporting has been predominant since the end of the conflict between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip in 2014, meaning that English-speaking BBC audiences – including its funding public – are not receiving the services pledged to them in the corporation’s public purposes.

8 comments on “BBC News fails to report another Gaza missile attack to English-speakers

  1. Hadar, neither do they report every killing of Palestinians at the hands of settlers or the IDF, every arson attack in Judea and Samaria, every new piece of land acquired by settlers under the protection of the IDF … they also don’t report the constant house demolitions perpetrated by the IDF against those accused of breaking the Civil Law or any of the other minutiae of life under the Occupation … why? because they are bored by it, they are bored by the constant attempts to influence the British political process through the offices of various * Friends of Israel, they are bored by the constant cries of ‘anti-semitism’ at every minor criticism of Israeli politics … you have cried wolf too many times my friend and can expect to be ignored with increasing frequency …

  2. Richard Harris – Your posting is full of lies and distortions. Do you work for the BBC or just influenced by their arabist c**p ?

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