The BBC charity’s partnership with terror glorifying PA media

The Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and its television (PA TV) and radio (Voice of Palestine) stations are the PA’s official media channels.

As is regularly documented by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), both those stations have a long record of broadcasting material which negates Israel’s existence (including on children’s programmes), glorifies terrorism, spreads incitement, promotes antisemitic tropes and hate speech, propagates falsehoods about Israel and denies and distorts the Holocaust.

One might therefore assume that for organisations from liberal Western countries, the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation would not meet the required criteria for partnership on joint projects – but that is apparently not the case.BBC Media Action

The BBC’s international development charity ‘BBC Media Action’ is officially “legally, financially and operationally independent from the BBC” although according to its website, some of its trustees are also BBC employees. It does not receive funding from the licence fee “except through the provision of office space and a small donation from BBC World Service to support co-production of content with their language services” and the majority of its income is provided by DfID – the UK government’s Department for International Development.

Despite the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation’s record, BBC Media Action (in collaboration with licence fee funded BBC Arabic) began partnering it in 2012. The charity claims to be “promoting accountability” through the governance projects – of which that partnership is one – and states that:

“BBC Media Action’s governance and rights programmes support more accountable, inclusive and peaceful states and societies.” 

Clearly the investment by British tax-payers did not have that effect upon the Palestinian Authority, which continues to promote hate, incitement and glorification of terrorism (mostly unreported by the BBC) via BBC Media Action’s partner the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation.

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5 comments on “The BBC charity’s partnership with terror glorifying PA media

  1. This item simply proves the point that the BBC is totally and utterly (and, to quote the Welsh windbag “utterly and totally”) anti-Israel in every dirty way it can dig up.

  2. Surely this is a subject for a very legitimate complaint to the BBC trustees. It would be interesting to learn if the PA media are the only media in an undemocratic country with which the BBC pals up. Does it have relations with Iranian or Venezuelan broadcasting authorities?

    • From the BBC Media:
      Where we work

      Our work reaches over 200 million people in 28 countries across the world.

      We’ve enabled Kenyans to question their leaders on TV and radio, produced an inspiring radio show made for and by the young people of Myanmar, and given health workers in the poorest parts of India life-saving training on their mobile phones.

      We also support journalists and broadcasters around the world – through face-to-face training and mentoring and through our online platform, iLearn.

      In Africa,we work in: Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia.

      In Asia,we work in: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan.

      In Europe and the Caucasus, we work with journalists and TV stations from: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine.

      In Middle East and North Africa, we have projects or work with journalists in: Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria and Tunisia.

      Draw your own conclusions. Most of the countries mentioned link to a web page with more details. However Israel is not linked. Checking out the Middle East and North Africa page shows no reference to Israel activity at all. A search through the site shows the occasional one word mention (apparently BBC Media trains Israel journalists among others from 17 countries) but no further details.

      The home page contains a map for which i have enlarged a portion (low res but what can i do?). I’ll leave it to you to ponder whether the lack of blue is a glitch or intentional.

  3. As this is BBC Watch so not concerned solely with the Jews and Israel, the BBC’s coverage of the catastrophe of Venezuela is also indicative of their worldview and the way they enforce it. The BBC World Service has led with an item about Venezuela almost every day this week and yet not a word of it has crept into any of the domestic broadcasts. Last night there was a long programme containing “experts” about Venezuela on the World Service, I think it is called News Extra. The programme was chaired by Owen Bennet-Jones another particularly ignorant reporter (in the same mould as Evan Davies). No one dared (not even Moyses Naim) dared make the point about Hugo Chavez being a racist, antisemitic thug and psychopath who systematically ruined the country he had been elected to govern and put all his opponents in jail. The putting opponents in jail continues, again not mentioned by any of the “experts”. The worst of them was a man called Cannon from Ireland who clearly sympathises with the Marxist dictatorship that Venezuela has become just because it is Marxist. He also betrayed his laughable failure to understand economics. The way the issue of Venezuela is tackled a classic example of the distortions of BBC News and another good read for a massive complaint as soon as the complaints procedure is taken away from the BBC itself and given to people whom we hope will be objective.

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