Minor amendment to BBC report on gay pride murder sentencing

As was noted here on June 26th, a BBC News report from that day concerning the sentencing of Yishai Schlissel, who was previously convicted of the murder of one person and the attempted murders of six others at the Jerusalem gay pride march in 2015, failed to provide audiences with the full story.Schlissel sentencing art

Following communication from BBC Watch, one sentence in the report was amended. The original article stated:

“A police investigation last year called for the removal of six senior Israeli officers over the attack.”

That sentence – which did not inform readers that the recommendation was implemented – was later amended to read:

“Several senior Israeli police officers were sanctioned or reassigned following the attack.”

However, the report was not amended to include details of the full sentence handed down to Schlissel: life imprisonment and 31 additional years, plus an order to pay damages of 2.6 million shekels to the families of his victims.

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2 comments on “Minor amendment to BBC report on gay pride murder sentencing

  1. The BBC, and The Guardian, don’t like to report on the more complex legal processes that happen in Israel. I suspect that talking about the way that Israel observes a strong legal code, free from political or religious influence, may convince some of their more skeptical readers/listeners, that Israel is a true Western Liberal democracy.

    The Guardian pictures of Israel tend to be either of soldiers or of Chassidic Jews whereas pictures of Palestinians tend to be of small children or wounded Palestinians. Of course, not those wounded, or executed by other Palestinians.

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