What does the BBC News website tell audiences about the Khartoum Resolutions?

September 1st marked the 49th anniversary of the Arab League’s issuing of the Khartoum Resolutions.Khartoum summit

“…the leaders of thirteen Arab states gathered at a summit conference in Khartoum, Sudan from August 29 to September 1. There they pledged to continue their struggle against Israel. Influenced by Nasser, “their conditions were quite specific: no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and ‘maintenance of the rights of the Palestinian people in their nation.’ The Khartoum Declaration was the first serious warning to the Israelis that their expectation of an imminent ‘phone call’ from the Arab world might be a pipe dream”.”

For years the BBC has cited the Six Day War as the central factor in its portrayal of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the broader Arab-Israeli conflict and even beyond. In 2007 the corporation’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen told radio audiences that:

“The legacy of 1967, military occupation and violent resistance, the unresolved refugee crisis and the competition for control of land and water…lies behind most of the shameful brutal and tragic events I have witnessed in 16 years of covering the Arab Israeli conflict for the BBC.”

“It would be bad enough if the misery of the past 40 years was confined to the Palestinians and the Israelis. But now at the start of the 21st century, their war affects all of us.. It’s at the center of the conflict between the West and the Islamic world… Ignoring the legacy of 1967 is not an option.” [emphasis added]

One might therefore expect that audiences would be able to find information concerning the Khartoum Resolutions on the BBC News website but a search for that term yields no results whatsoever.

The website’s current profile of the Arab League offers no information on that subject either and neither does its predecessor which is still available online. An old ‘timeline’ of the Arab League dating from 2011 includes the following entry for 1967 and a subsequent ‘timeline’ from 2013 offers the same information.

Arab League timeline

Next year will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Six Day War and no doubt the BBC’s coverage of the topic will be extensive. Whether or not that coverage will finally include the provision of BBC audiences with information concerning the Arab League’s rejection of peace after losing that war remains to be seen.

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  2. The bbc and other medias version of world politics is of course mere CRAP AND PURE RUBBISH and amont the many many wars of the world the arab (not “palestinian”)-Israel conflict is definitely NOT central nor even of ANY importance. Irt’s less than 1% in importance and I do not call this important. Problem is why the medias want to make this conflict look important and mustered the “international community” probably just the moslem/leftwing community AXIS (I use the nazi word because this is what it is) which is what they want to call it so. I suppose there are several TRIVIAL reasons which when added up make up a big GHOST! Cowardice ie siding up with the “big” moslem against the small jew although today wars are not made with Swords but nukes wjich makes the small as big as the big one if not still bigger but that’s too clever for the leftwing medias to understand, a remnant of medieval antisemitism, pressures on Israel which made the huge mistake to take them in consideration for so long instead of rejecting them altogether as unacceptable meddling, fear of terrorism which was another mistake since the moslemù terror is far larger than the “palestinian” terror, france’s pr since the arrogant and antisemite president dégueule (meaning vomit) pr being the only thing the french can do since 2 centuries etc. Anyway it’s time to reject the pressures and the french in particular to show them they are only abject and unimportant rabble and their attiude can be returned with a vengeance with portable nukes terror.

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