BBC partially corrects ‘The World Tonight’ inaccuracies

As documented here last month, the December 28th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The World Tonight’ included a number of inaccuracies. [all emphasis added]twt-28-12

“[BBC presenter] Ley told listeners that:

“Last week President Obama authorised a change of tactics towards Israel. The US opted not to deploy its veto on a Security Council resolution condemning building by Jewish settlers on what had been Palestinian land until the Six Day War.” […] 

Ley continued:

“It was a war which lasted less than a week yet the territory seized by Israel then is still de facto controlled by Tel Aviv today.”

Referring to “Gulf Arab states like Saudi Arabia”, he later told listeners that:

“They also share Tel Aviv’s anxiety about the growing importance of Iran in the region.” […]

Ley also told audiences that:

“The attitude of Gulf Arab states like Saudi Arabia has become more ambiguous since they fought with Israel in 1967. Whilst continuing to make the case for a separate Palestinian state, most now accept the existence of the Jewish state.””

BBC Watch submitted a complaint concerning those inaccuracies and the response received includes the following:reply-twt-complaint

That correction reads as follows:


BBC Watch will be pursuing the outstanding issues.


5 comments on “BBC partially corrects ‘The World Tonight’ inaccuracies

  1. The correction is just as bad as the original statement! There is never a reference to Northern Ireland “which some people believe should be part of a single, unified, independent state of Ireland” for instance, however true that may be. We have plenty of room for comparison with the way Israel is referred to and treated and the way the Irish conflict is treated, now that McGuiness has resigned.

  2. None of the Gulf States – Saudi Arabia is not generally considered to be a Gulf state — fought Israel in 1967. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia replaced some of the planes Egypt and Syria lost but never sent soldiers or were attacked on their own territory.

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