BBC ME editor’s ‘impartiality’ on view in Jerusalem

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word triumphalism as meaning “excessive exultation over one’s success or achievements (used especially in a political context)”.

That word was used by the BBC’s Middle East editor in a ‘question’ posed in a Tweet sent on May 24th showing what he termed “Religious Zionists” – rather than just Israelis – celebrating Jerusalem Day.

In contrast to Bowen’s inaccurate interpretation of the meaning of the holiday, Jerusalem Day is actually a celebration of the reunification of the city following the Jordanian occupation of parts of it between 1948 and 1967 and the resulting reopening of access to Judaism’s holy sites after nineteen years during which right of entry to those sites was denied to Jews.

Once again Jeremy Bowen provides a glimpse into the ‘impartial’ viewpoints that underpin his Middle East reporting and editing. 

4 comments on “BBC ME editor’s ‘impartiality’ on view in Jerusalem

  1. This sickening ‘viewpoint’ and this revolting version of ‘impartiality’ go right through the vile Pravda Broadcasting Corporation like a piece of Brighton Rock.

  2. Meanwhile, Christine Williams at Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch” blog tells us today that beeboid surrender monkey Katty Kay has announced on air, following the Manchester massacre, that we are going to have to “get used” to terror attacks in our back yards.

    “BBC host Katty Kay, responding to Monday night’s suicide bombing in Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert, told viewers Tuesday that Europeans are going to have to “get used” to terror attacks in their backyards.

    If Katty Kay’s loved ones had been murdered in a jihad terror attack, she wouldn’t be so careless with her words. Europeans need to wake up and fight hard for their civilization, and must not accept jihad attacks as a norm. It is astonishing that most Europeans are still in denial about the danger they are in, and Kay is going even farther, encouraging Europeans to give up and surrender to the jihad….”

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