BBC’s ME editor advances his own partisan narrative in summing up of Trump visit

BBC News website coverage of the US president’s visit to Israel was rounded off with an article by Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen titled “Trump in Middle East: Symbols but little substance” which appeared in the ‘features’ section of the website’s Middle East page on May 23rd.

That article – written by the man whose job description is to “make a complex story more comprehensive or comprehensible for the audience” – includes a predictably airbrushed portrayal of the Camp David summit and the Palestinian decision to initiate the terror war known as the second Intifada.

“President Bill Clinton presided over the moment in 1993 at the White House when Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin exchanged a historic handshake and signed the Oslo peace agreement. At the end of his presidency in 2000, a make or break summit failed and was followed by years of violence and unrest.”

Bowen also presents an airbrushed portrayal of the Arab peace initiative of 2002, failing to inform readers that it demands full Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights, “occupied territories” in south Lebanon, Judea & Samaria and the parts of Jerusalem previously occupied by Jordan – including the Old City – and that its proposals on the issue of refugees are vague. He of course refrains from stating that Hamas – along with Hizballah – has rejected that plan on numerous occasions.

“But the Saudis have had their own Arab peace plan on the table for the last 15 years, offering full peace and recognition of Israel in return for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the entire territory of the West Bank and Gaza with its capital in East Jerusalem.”

In line with previously seen BBC editorial policy, Bowen portrays the Old City of Jerusalem – including the Western Wall – as “occupied land”.

“Mr Trump became the first serving American president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the holiest place where Jews can pray. That is being taken as support for Israel.

The wall is in East Jerusalem, which Israel annexed after it was captured 50 years ago and which most of the world outside Israel regards as occupied land.”

Bowen promotes false equivalence between Israel and Iran:

“In his final speech, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, President Trump also identified himself, his administration and the United States four-square with Israel.

He repeated, to lots of applause, that he would never let Iran have nuclear weapons. Israel has a substantial and officially undeclared nuclear arsenal.”

He similarly amplifies a notion of false equivalence between Israeli soldiers and convicted Palestinian terrorists:

“One pointer to a potential difference with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu came at the museum. In his opening remarks, Mr Netanyahu said that if the bomber in Manchester was Palestinian, and his victims were Israelis, the Palestinian Authority would be paying a stipend to his family.

He was referring to a Palestinian Martyrs’ fund. It pays pensions to people it regards as victims of the occupation, including the families of individuals who have been killed attacking Israelis. There is also a fund to support Palestinians who have been imprisoned by Israel. The Palestinians have compared the payments to the salaries Israel pays to soldiers.” [emphasis added]

Bowen then tells readers that:

“President Trump, in his speech, did not pick up the cue.

After making many warm remarks about Israel, which earned him standing ovations, he said he believed that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, was serious about making peace.”

Bowen does not however tell BBC audiences that while the US president’s pre-written speech at the Israel Museum may indeed not have included mention of the PA’s payments to convicted terrorists and the families of dead terrorists, that issue had already been raised during the PA president’s Washington visit earlier in the month and his speech earlier the same day in Bethlehem did allude to that topic.

“Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded or rewarded. We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single, unified voice.”

Bowen goes on:

“Senior Israeli politicians and officials in the room disagree. Prime Minister Netanyahu said earlier this year that President Abbas lied to Donald Trump when they met in the White House.”

The BBC’s Middle East editor does not of course bother to inform the corporation’s audiences that Mahmoud Abbas did indeed lie when he stated during that Washington visit that:

“Mr. President, I affirm to you that we are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.”

Of course the BBC’s long-standing editorial policy of avoidance of meaningful reporting on the issue of the PA’s incitement and glorification of terrorism – including among children – means that audiences would be unable to fill in Bowen’s deliberate blanks.  

Yet again we see that rather than “make[ing] a complex story more comprehensive or comprehensible for the audience”, Jeremy Bowen in fact does the exact opposite by exploiting his position to advance his chosen political narrative. 


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  1. bbc as other medias are not informing people they are a party in the war against Israel which their “palestinian” friends do with knives and they do with the lies they keep writing. Anyway no peace can result from any kind of “peace agreement” with tghe “palestinians” : it would just be a shitty paper resulting in all out war which in itself would be rather good except that the anti Israel governments and medias would then start accusing Israel of “violations”. It would be much better to expel arabs now that wait for a shitty agreement.

  2. Brick by brick Jeremy Bowen is currently demolishing the credibility of the impartiality of the BBC vis-a-vis Israel/Palestinian issues. We will very soon be marvelling at his, and the BBC’s, contortions over the 50th anniversary of the 6 – day war and its ramifications.

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  4. Selectively dishonest bias by BBC journalists is not only applied to the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. it sometimes affects reporting about Jews outside Israel To date there has been no real coverage of the Sarah Halimi murder.

    P.S. Could all your readers inform themselves about the Sarah Halimi murder and the police officer’s shameful non-intervention and make representations about this by contacting the French embassy.

    Here is an email I sent which links to some useful articles.

    Why has there been virtually no coverage – apart from the reproduction of Israeli press articles in some local Jewish community newspapers – of the Sarah Halimi affair in the US Jewish press? This includes your newspapers.

    Even these articles omit or gloss over the crucial detail concerning the gross dereliction of duty of the police officers already on the scene – over one hour passed before the arrival of the supposedly needed reinforcements. Only a few minutes would have been needed to ascertain from neighbours – especially the Malian ones where the murderer Traore initially wanted to take refuge – that the latter was not armed.

    I append to this email links articles which do consider this.

    Still no public statement by AJC, LICRA, ADL, etc.

    Yours sincerely,

  5. This is a misleading,unbalanced, deceptive, piece of editorial rubbish funded by the British tax payer! shocking bias against Israel again and misuse of the BBC.

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