BBC WS history show claims Israel ‘carved out of Palestinian land’

The August 7th edition of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘The History Hour’ included an item (from 26:40 here) about the Camp David Summit that had already been aired several days previously on the same station’s other history show ‘Witness’ and was discussed here.

In his introduction to that item, presenter Max Pearson told worldwide listeners: [emphasis added]

Pearson: “But before that we’re going to focus on a region which has seen tension and violence for the past 70 years. Just the phrase ‘tension in the Middle East’ has become shorthand for referencing the decades of mistrust between Jews and Arabs following the creation of the State of Israel, carved – as it was – out of land which had belonged to the Palestinians. Giving the Jewish people of the world a homeland was supposed to be the answer to one problem but it created another. There have of course been attempts to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. One of the last major efforts ended in failure in the year 2000. At that time the two sides had been brought together by the American president Bill Clinton. Farhana Haider has been speaking to the senior diplomatic interpreter Gamal Helal who attended that fateful Camp David summit.”

Obviously the Middle East “has seen tension and violence” for a lot longer than 70 years and Pearson’s claim that “tension in the Middle East” means solely the Arab-Israeli conflict is astoundingly ignorant. Clearly too, “mistrust between Jews and Arabs” did not ‘follow’ the creation of the State of Israel but was already evident many years beforehand.

But the most egregiously inaccurate part of that introduction is obviously Pearson’s claim that Israel was “carved […] out of land which had belonged to the Palestinians”. At no point in history before the creation of the State of Israel was that the case: the land was administered by the British Mandate prior to Israel’s establishment and before that had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire for 500 years.

That inaccurate and materially misleading information is all the more troubling coming, as it does, in what claims to be a history programme.

BBC Watch has submitted a complaint to the BBC World Service highlighting the need for a speedy on-air correction.


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15 comments on “BBC WS history show claims Israel ‘carved out of Palestinian land’

  1. This is just typical of the BBC it allows people who know nothing about the history of Israel.
    They are bias against Israel.

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  2. There never was a “pal”estinian” land for the simple reason palestinians were the jews not the arabs: arabs are arabs not “palestinans” nor chinese nor nepalese! Western Palestine was CARVED OUT OF HISTORICAL PALESTINE and “palestinians” have nothing to with that. Once again we see how leftwing medias are LIARS AND THEIR POLITICAL STANCE TOTALLY ABSURD, FAKE, AND PURE LIES. Their pr is essentially a heap of lies.

    • Well they thought they wee Palestinians.and they were chased out by Jewish terrorists.
      You so know Palestinians can trace their heritage back to the Philistines who were a highly cultural nation. The Hebrews got into just trouble in trying to copy them.

    • Not only in the 1930s, Arabs came flooding into Palestine as early as the late 19th century, as soon as the Jews revived the port of Jaffa, because there was now work for them. As for Gaza, almost all the inhabitants can only trace their residence there a couple of generations, Gaza was a desert, they all came from Egypt. That is why so-called Gaza cuisine is actually Egyptian cuisine.

  3. Really no Palestinians lived or owned land in the area they took. He could have said one of the main reasons Israel got such land was Palestinians fleeing their land because of the successful Jewish terrorist groups twp of which were led by future Prime Minister.

    I damn glad the Palestinian terrorists are nowhere near as lethal or dangerous as they were..

    • Nottrampis (weird name), I hope you’re joking because you have no idea what the heck you’re talking about. The Jewish connection to Israel is ancient, and “Jewish terrorists” did not chase out Palestinians, who were just called Arabs then. (There was never an independent state of Palestine.) The Palestinians are not descendants of the Philistines, and “the Hebrews” did not copy the Palestinians. You’re just a pathetic anti-Semite.

      • Was ancient. The connection is far more to christian as they are the true Jews now technically speaking.
        Of course Palestinians were chased out by Jewish terrorist. Begin and Shamir were up to their ears in it. You may call them Arabs but they called themselves Palestinians.
        And yes Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines. Of course the Hebrews tried to copy bot the Philistines and other Neighbours in attempting to be cultural. That is how they fell for idolatry. In the end that is by the Babylonians were allowed to take Judah and Jerusalem. It is there in black and white.

        History is not your strong suit is it?

  4. I am not bothering to complain to the BBC because I will get the usual bland denial that they are lying antisemites but I sent a twitter message to Max Pearson telling him that I do not know if he is pig-ignorant or an antisemite but what he wrote was a pure lie.

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  6. Typical of the BBC. But they will use the skills they have honed over the last 30 years to get out of the complaint. It all boils down to the Balen Report of 2004 which the BBC refuses to publish in to it’s anti Israel, Zionist, Jewish bias and has used public money from the compulsory licence fee the public is forced to pay, to go to the litigation to prevent its contents from being disclosed. Jeremy Bowen was as a result of the report promoted to Mid East Editor in Chief but when faced with the Syrian situation was unable to provide listeners with information because all he knew of the Mid East was down to his period in Israel where he honed his anti Israel skills.
    This all really boils down to the failure of the UK Jewish lay and religious leadership to publically challenge the BBC. The President of the UK Supreme Court is a Jew, Lord Neuberger, why has he not used his position to get the Balen Report made public. In his position he has had an opportunity to open doors but he has failed to do so – why??
    As for Pearson – he had a cardiac arrest in 2011 on a flight from Singapore to London – he is a sub human and should be cast into the dustbin of history

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