Yom Kippur

Gmar Hatima Tova to all our readers marking the Day of Atonement.



2 comments on “Yom Kippur

  1. Thank you for all your endeavours. I have been bringing your emails to a senior director in the BBC. I hope something positive will arise from that. He has asked me to meet which might take some time to happen but it cannot be bad.


    Ivor Tiefenbrun

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  2. Dear BBC,
    Ironic? Insincere? Inadequate?
    These are the words that come to me when I read a greeting from you to Jews of the world. Your coverage is generally biased, anti Semitic, incorrect, untrue and so very unbalanced.

    I’d like to wish you well, to all of your staff, but it would be insincere. I wish you to denounce violence against Israelis and tell the truth about how the global jihad has affected Jews, particularly in Israel which is on the front line, and experience the tragedy of disinformation from the BBC, putting more lives at risk,

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