BBC’s ‘Trump Jerusalem syndrome’ plumbs new depths

The BBC’s multi-platform coverage of the US president’s December 6th announcement recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city has, by any standard, been manic.

Since December 4th BBC audiences have seen dozens of articles and scores of radio and TV reports on that subject – which the corporation has also managed to shoehorn into reporting on topics including Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem and the seasonal Papal address

However, on December 26th BBC World Service radio managed to plumb new depths of hyperbole when, in the synopsis to a clip from its programme ‘Newsday’ that was promoted on social media, it told audiences that:

“Jerusalem has arguably has never felt more divided and anxious following US President Donald Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Really, BBC World Service?

Does Jerusalem now feel “more divided” than when Jordan expelled the Jewish residents of the Old City in 1948 and destroyed fifty-eight synagogues? Is the city “more anxious” than it was when Jordanian snipers regularly took pot shots at Israeli civilians from behind the armistice line?

Does Jerusalem really currently feel “more anxious” than during the long years in which Palestinian terrorists regularly targeted Israeli civilians eating pizza, drinking coffee, riding a bus, celebrating a Bar Mitzva or shopping in the market? Is it “more divided” than when residents of the city’s Jabel Mukaber neighbourhood slaughtered early morning worshippers at a synagogue in its Har Nof district?

The BBC urgently needs to get a grip on itself. While its feverish coverage of the US president’s announcement transparently promoted a politically motivated narrative from the start, the continuing frenzied portrayal of that topic is increasingly making the media organisation that describes itself as “a provider of news that you can trust” look simply ridiculous.

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8 comments on “BBC’s ‘Trump Jerusalem syndrome’ plumbs new depths

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  2. I find the BBC’s entire timeline and reasons for tensions and causes of violence suspect. They could have easily said “since the PA called for 3 days of rage,” they could have said “since the UK and others at the Security Council weighed in, attempting to interfere with a member state’s sovereignty in violation of the UN Charter, to once again stand with the Arabs against the Jews,” etc, i.e., they could inform their readers, listeners, and viewers rather than spewing Arab war propaganda.

  3. Here’s an example of what real Jerusalem is about. Today, December 28, is a fast day for Jews, one of the fasts which mourn the loss of the Temple. Some rabbis have called for a prayer meeting during this fast, at the Kotel (Western Wall), to cry out to G-d for rain and a release from the 5-yr drought we’re experiencing. They are not meeting to pray for anything to do with Trump’s statement on Jerusalem. They are more concerned about rain and the farmers’ crops and potential loss of farm income. Now, I have not heard of any Muslims calling for prayer for rain. If this singer feels the Arabs in his group are uneasy, maybe they should be, as Jews are starting to stand firm that Jerusalem is not for sale. The holy city for Muslims has always been and will always be Mecca, not Jerusalem. It’s time the Arabs realized this is a lie. Should the Jewish people continue to suffer wars over Jerusalem just to keep this lie alive? No, and be not fooled, for now the war over Muslim control of cities is in London. The BBC might be a little more concerned over the loss of their city than to be messing with Jerusalem.

  4. “….The BBC urgently needs to get a grip on itself…”
    The corrupt BBC has instead been getting a grip on British children and raping them via its paedophile employees’ paradise, led by the late Sir Jimmy Savile.

    The late Sir Jimmy was employed by the BBC from 1958 to his death in 2011 without being prosecuted. He and his friends used to take children from his BBC TV children’s show “Jim’ll Fix It” to his mobile home in the BBC parking lot and rape them there and elsewhere under the noses of BBC senior management, security guards, TV producers etc. Nobody at the BBC said a word. The police investigated in 2008 but hushed it up and did nothing.

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