BBC News website invents a new Jewish holiday

A report on this story that was published in the ‘politics’ section of the BBC News website’s UK page on the morning of April 3rd initially told readers that:

“Photographs on the Guido Fawkes website appear to show Mr Corbyn meeting members of Jewdas to mark the Jewish festival of Seder.” [emphasis added]

The article was subsequently twice updated – with the same inaccuracy recycled in a different paragraph.

The Jewish festival is of course called Pessah or Passover. The Seder is the festive meal marking the beginning of that festival.

Yes – this is the same BBC that has appointed itself to the position of internet fact checker.

7 comments on “BBC News website invents a new Jewish holiday

  1. The error itself is not anti-Semitic and definitely not Biased Bollocks Confabultion’s most egregious error. What it proves is that they are unqualified to comment on these issues.

  2. No surprise as the BBC has proved itself for ineptitude in how it reports anything to do with Israel and the Palestinian Arabs with favour toward the Arabs and prejudice against Israelis. Its not the BBC of 40 years ago! I don’t have respect for it anymore. RT

  3. In addition, the BBC has said that Israel which did noit want to deport all of the illigal immigrants from Eritre etc (over 32,000) and had made arrangements to resettle 16,000of them in Western countries has been accused of ethnic cleansing! Did anyone want to help Jews between 193 to 1945? Hardly anyone. Note these people are not Israeli citizens or legal immigrants. These critics are hypocrits! RT

  4. Meanwhile, the ABC, Australia’s answer to the BBC (and equally biased against Israel) has broadcast an ABC radio interview with the notorious anti-Zionist Dr Stephen Sizer over Pesach, regarding Christian Zionism, recorded during his recent two-week propaganda tour Down Under. The Executive Council of Australian Jewry have allowed me to post their just-issued forthright condemnation of the ABC’s interview with the ex-vicar here:

  5. It’s not anti semitic to get the name of the festival wrong, but it is sloppy research by the BBC. It’s akin to calling Christmas “Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings”.

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