BBC’s Gaza casualty figures source shows its reliability

As we have documented, BBC reports on the events along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip since March 30th have repeatedly quoted Palestinian casualty figures provided by the “health ministry” in Gaza without clarifying that it is controlled by Hamas – the same terror group co-organising the ‘Great Return March’ – and thus obviously not an impartial or reliable source.

On April 14th the BBC Gaza office’s Rushdi Abualouf sent a rather cryptic tweet:

Obviously if Israel denied targeting four members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, then somebody must have claimed that it did and in this case that was the Gaza health ministry spokesman who, as reported by various Palestinian sources, initially claimed that the four had been killed by “Israeli shelling”.

Khaled Abu Toameh explains the story at the Times of Israel:

“Palestinian terror organization Islamic Jihad said Saturday that four of its members were killed in an accidental explosion near the Gaza Strip border with Israel.

The group said in a statement that the four died during “preparations,” without giving further details. Army Radio reported that the terrorists were killed while carrying explosives in an all-terrain vehicle, suggesting the blast may have been a “work accident.” AFP said they were riding a tuk tuk vehicle which exploded a few hundred meters from the border with Israel. […]

The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry initially claimed the blast east of Rafah in southern Gaza was caused by an Israeli strike. The IDF denied any involvement in the incident and said none of its forces had opened fire in the area.”

That, of course, is the same ‘health ministry’ which has been providing ‘Great Return March’ casualty figures since March 30th that have been unquestioningly promoted by Rushdi Abualouf (see for example here, here, here, here, here and here) and his BBC colleagues without any independent verification.

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9 comments on “BBC’s Gaza casualty figures source shows its reliability

  1. You seem unable to comprehend that the government is in control of various government departments.

    The Health Ministry can tell you how many people died and you have yet to show they have provided false figures. I do not see how they could provide any details of how the people died without a post mortem and i doubt if they have the expertise or the resources to do that.coroner as we have them in Australia.

    how ironic there is an argument you could use but you did not realise it.

    I will say again form where else will you get casualty figures from.

  2. Nottrampis, you seem to be (possibly deliberately) blind to the facts on the ground, the BBC has an obligation under it’s royal charter to report the facts not some biased opinion from a biased terrorist source. Yes they do have the ability to perform post mortems indeed they are not the sort of ‘camp’ the world’s press make them out to be, but they have never ever told the truth and continue to just lie about the truth of the matter, to blame Israel like they have done for the lat 11 years. The numbers are not the issue, the reason for their demise is and of course despite the fact that these four were off to lay IEDs and they experienced a premature detonation seems lost on the health ministry and indeed you. Vote to stop the bias

      • Yes I did but you seem to think that Hamas play fair, it is not Israel’s fault that Hamas deny access to impartial observers, be it press or medical, it is Hamas’s fault in the same way that inspectors are denied access to nuclear plants in Iran, they want to deny the truth reaching the outside world, all the BBC need to do to comply is to state that these are completely unverifiable sources and everyone would be happy but they refuse to comply with the charter mandate and say that this is the case.

        • Sorry but quite clearly you have not read anything.
          nothing you have said or the author has said has shown the figures given by the Heath Ministry is wrong.

          The right argument to male is why anyone would take any notice of how the people died when clearly they do not have expertise nor the resources to do that.

          I also note that whenever there is talk of Hamas there is never talk of how it was started.
          I wonder why.
          It is like the same people talking about the hams terrorists but never ever mentioning how successful the Jewish terrorists were in 1948

          • Quite clearly you are not able to read, nobody should quote or comment on figures that are unverified and the BBC should state that they are unverified when reporting any figures. Yes the Irgun did exist between 1933 and 1948 and was fighting the British Army, your point being? Hamas is relatively young in the grand scheme of things founded in 1987, so why did it start and what is it’s stated purpose? The destruction of Israel and Jews worldwide, yes I too can read their charter so why should I want to mention it? I can only assume you think their aims and aspirations are laudable which shows just why you are trolling these pages attempting to justify their genocidal actions. Israel has no such aims and aspirations to kill Palestinians and only kills in self defense, protecting it’s citizens and it’s borders.

          • err no no-one here has shown the casualty figures are wrong. no-one.
            The reason for the casualty figures are highly debatable.

            Er no the various jewish terrorist groups killed Palestinians by the thousands and they indeed fled in terror. Various villages had no-one in them. Hamas are amateurs besides that.
            Can Hams destroy Israel? not in their wildest dreams so why this emphasis?

            no I have never defended any killings and never defended Hamas either nor would I try.

            Israel had an opportunity to negotiate with a newly formed Hamas government when the real politic faction if we may call it that was growing in influence. By not recognising the government at all it allowed this faction to essentially wither away.

            this meant a quasi war. It appear right wing Israelis embrace this. I find this strange.

          • Well I find it strange that you will not recognise the fact that both Hamas and PLO charters state that their goal is the destruction of Israel. It is written into their constitution. How can one negotiate with parties not prepared to negotiate?. Five times there have been offers of peace for land swaps but at the last one Abbas never even came back with an answer. When was this opportunity to negotiate with Hamas made available? let us know, educate us where when? Show some proof. As for terrorists, the world is well aware the Arabs also slaughtered many e.g. 1929 Hebron, there are two side to every story.

          • Of course I recognise it I simply recognise that it comes to nothing.
            No Organisational or Nation can threaten Israel.

            When Hamas won government Israel refused to recognise the government. That meant the ‘real politic’ faction dissolved into nothing.

            I can tell you one way to peace. allow the two nations to recognise various parts of Jerusalem as their capitals.I can well Remember Martin Indyk saying this as an Academic at Macquarie University way back in the early 80s.

            Have a way so people can achieve the dream of owning a home and doing well and people will vote that way.

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