BBC’s Middle East editor ‘explains’ Gaza violence

On the morning of May 15th the BBC’s Middle East editor went to the Gaza Strip – tossing an ‘open prison’ quip to his 169,000 Twitter followers on the way.

The Middle East editor’s role was described by the BBC as follows when it was created 13 years ago:

“Jeremy Bowen’s new role is, effectively, to take a bird’s eye view of developments in the Middle East, providing analysis that might make a complex story more comprehensive or comprehensible for the audience, without the constraints of acting as a daily news correspondent. His remit is not just to add an extra layer of analysis to our reporting, but also to find stories away from the main agenda.

Later the same day, the BBC News website published a filmed report by Jeremy Bowen titled “What’s at the root of the protests in Gaza?” and billed:

“The BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen explains the reason why people have been protesting in Gaza.”

Given that above job description, one would therefore have expected Bowen to provide BBC audiences with the information concerning the background to the ‘Great Return March’ that they have been lacking for the past month and a half, such as the involvement of multiple Gaza factions – including Hamas and other terror groups – in its planning, organisation and financing and maybe even clarification of the connections of British Islamists to the project. Likewise, one would of course assume that Jeremy Bowen would have informed BBC audiences that the publicity stunt’s prime aim is to attract attention, with one organiser describing it as “a rally that the whole world and media outlets would watch.”

However, Jeremy Bowen’s entire ‘explanation’ went like this:

“This is the outside wall of Shifa, Gaza’s main hospital, celebrating paramedics, fire-fighters. Emergency services were very busy here yesterday and inside the hospital there are a lot of people with gunshot wounds. There is shock here in Gaza at the scale of the killing. Yes, they were of course expecting casualties but more than fifty is a lot. That’s the biggest number killed since the war of 2014.

The thing about Gaza, the thing about the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is that the issue at the heart of it doesn’t change. And that issue is that there are two peoples on one piece of land and until they can find a way to share it, they will continue to suffer.”

Completely absent from Bowen’s ‘why can’t they just get along?’ narrative was the fact that Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip almost thirteen years ago, relinquishing all territorial claims to it. Also missing was Hamas’ existential commitment to Israel’s destruction – as expressed in its founding charter, in the rationale behind its ‘Great Return March’ and in its continued use of terrorism against Israeli citizens.

The problem, therefore, is not that “two peoples” cannot find “a way to share”. The problem is that major factions within one of those peoples cannot tolerate the existence of the other under any circumstance.

That simple fact is precisely what Jeremy Bowen has avoided telling the BBC’s funding public for the past thirteen years and – as his latest trite report once again demonstrates – he will likely continue to do so.



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  1. You have an obsession of Hamas having the destruction of Israel as an objective.
    Granted this is an evil objective but is s an academic discussion. I do note you have provided no rationale nor evidence to suggest how Hamas could achieve such an objective.

    It really does not matter what organisations or countries for that matter have this objective. No-one can do it which is why no-one takes it seriously.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines today. There is NO REASON to shoot Palestinians; they have Nothing. Israel has destroyed Syria based on a paranoid Assumption. Even if they did have Iranian missiles in their country, So What? Every nation has the right to form alliances, and quite frankly- Protect itself from deadly foreign agents (like Israel).

    • Moreover, the world needs lift the veil off of Israel’s Nuclear Weapons; that is a serious regional threat in the Middle East (as well as a global threat) making it smart of Syria to form an alliance with Iran to Protect its own Sovereign Existence.

    • Hey I did not say anything on or even agree on Syria.
      When Hamas succeeds in gaining israeli prisoners they use secrecy. They do not publicised it on facebook ensuring it can never occur. Israel got played on that and any gullible person who believed such guff.
      If a breach did occur you would merely have a pale imitation of WW1 advances with the same results.
      Hamas cannot even direct their rockets so just how can they destroy Israel. ergo they cannot.

      Israel’s 200 odd nukes means no country can ever threaten the country either.

    • From Maritza Rivera’s website:

      “Maritza is especially interested in conflicts [and] Jewry/Zionism.”

      As in, Jew hatred.

      • You left out Middle East, Charlie. Jewry is a GLOBAL matter, as you know. Every country should have an independent special council on Jewish affairs for it’s own safety. And don’t try to deflect the matter and turn the tables. There isn’t a problem with everyone who scrutinizes Israel, the problem is with Israel and Jewry. If Israel was so tolerant, it would have let a peace- loving Jesus live into his old age. If Israel was so tolerant it wouldn’t have such an anti-Semitic hatred of Arabs that want their rightful autonomy and independence in their own country. If Jewry was so toelerant, it wouldn’t eschew free speech and varying views. Etc.

        • whoa there,

          Everyone needed the Jews to kill Jesus. Without that no-one could get to heaven.
          That killing was God ordained.
          You almost make a good point. Yes the Hebrew bible should mean that Israel should be more tolerant however the whole bible does not make ‘christian’ countries very tolerant at all.

          From a distance hatred towards fellow human beings is a bi-partisan issue.
          Certainly killing innocent people is

          • I am familiar with this argument, nevertheless, the reason why He was killed lives on. He wasn’t killed for a deadly crime of hatred, for example.
            Rather it was for freedom of speech, freedom to start something different, freedom to criticize, freedom to call out hypocrisy, freedom from wordliness that made him a “threat” or rather a bother to the Pharisees.

          • That is the exact point. He was innocent but killed. He took the punishment for all people. Not he crucifixion per se but being in a place without God.
            If he was guilty then he could not bear anyone’s sins.

          • Every country has the right to defend it’s citizens with lethal force, from attack by machete and knife wielding young men armed with maps showing where the nearest Israeli citizens are situated. These 4th generation young men (who are no more refugees than you or me) on a ahem ‘peaceful’ march who have been indoctrinated from birth by UNWRA to kill Jews, forced their way through an electrified fence into Israel shouting Allah Wakbar. Even Hamas now claim that 50 of the 62 killed this week were Hamas operatives trained to attack and kill civilians. As often is the case on blogs we are now seeing all the usual anti-semitic tropes being banded about, in a pathetic attempt to discredit Judaism and deflect from the terrorist actions of a terrorist government called Hamas. It took a while for you to draft in reinforcements, so carry on fill your boots and make yourselves look even more stupid than you already are.

          • Israel is anti-Semitic. It should leave well enough (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, etc) alone. All of those countries have a right to protect themselves from a terrorist nation (Israel) using weaponized religion to exterminate Arab citizens and rob more land and resources from them. For shame.

          • Again you express your delusion very well in your scribblings, you are deluded if you expect Israel not to use lethal force to defend it’s borders and it’s citzens from attack by 4th generation robots programmed by UNWRA. How can Israel be anti-semitic when the basis of the population of Israel was formed from firstly the Jews living in Israel over 100 years like my wife’s saba who lived in a tent in Eilat, a population formed of the 800,000 Jews expelled or driven out by Arab government policies which stripped them of their wealth and homes between 1947 and the mid 50s. Palestine has never existed, and the British Mandate of Palestine was divided up in accordance with UN resolution 181 which gave 77% to Arabs originally called Syria and Trans-Jordan now just Jordan and 23% West of the Jordan to the Jewish Nation of Israel, as per the Quran. But the Arab League did not like that happening and decided to destroy Israel and they have been trying and failing ever since. Arabs need to learn from their mistakes of the past, please explain what countries you claim Israel has designs on capturing? Lebanon, no Syria no, Jordan no, Egypt no so please let me know what country you are referring to.

          • If Israel is so innocent, let them return Golan Heights to Syria. Their settlements and military oversight there have been condemned by the U.N. Moreover, I am not obliged to do what you want.

          • Just as Israel is not obliged to do what you want, no country is innocent on this planet Pakistan. India, China. Egypt Russia UK, USA, Slovenia included but giving back the Golan Heights would make Israel completely indefensible, whilst I realise that is what you and many anti-Jewish , anti-Israel, anti-zionists wish for, I can assue you it will never happen in our lifetime, sorry I have to go I have a plane to Israel to catch

          • I have been gracious to address your replies because it is very Israeli and very rude to invalidate people and nations. “Deluded, scribbles, want to see Israel indefensible” – always labeling, putting down, and radicalizing the view of others when there are plenty of Real political issues that involve people around the world to stick to. No thank you.

  3. M Rivera and nottrampis are like two peas in a pod, now you are blaming Israel for 7 years of Syrian conflict, you obviously spend far too much time trolling these conspiracy theory web-sites, where else could you have gleaned such a ridiculous notion. Israel has no designs on Syria or any other country for that matter apart from defending it’s current borders from attack by the either the country itself or it’s foreign proxys, which Israel has had to do on numerous ocassions for the last 3000 years. There is every justification to shoot Palestinians that break through an electrified fence and enter Israel territory wielding knives and machetes with orders from Hamas to kill Israeli citizens, that is all the justification required by any country in this world, every country has the right to defend it’s borders and Israel is no different, what more rational is required to be given to you. Their UNWRA education system if filled with books indoctrinating society to hate Jews and the Hamas Charter despite having been recently changed still is based upon the genocide of Jews both in Israel and worldwide. Strange isn’t it that the 800,000 Sephardi Jews forcibly marched or quietly secreted out of Arab countries in the late 40s and early 50s that form the basis of Israeli society are not rioting demanding reparation for stolen land and businesses, because they know they are not welcome in these countries. The same applies in reverse so just give it up and learn to be creative not destructive, the world is growing tired of your Pallywood productions orchestrated by a corrupt terrorist government

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