How did BBC News report the latest Gaza missile attacks?

Visitors to the BBC News website’s main homepage, its ‘World’ page or its ‘Middle East’ page on the morning of June 20th were all informed that the people who had fired forty-five military grade projectiles at Israeli civilian communities in the space of some five hours during the previous night are ‘militants’ rather than terrorists.

In typical ‘last-first’ style, the headline to the BBC News website’s report on that story read “Israeli jets strike Gaza after rocket and mortar fire” and the euphemism ‘militants’ was seen again.

“Israeli jets have hit militant positions in Gaza after Palestinians fired rockets and mortars into Israeli territory, the Israeli military said.

The military said 25 targets linked to the militant Hamas movement were hit, in response to a barrage of about 45 rockets and mortar shells.”

Quoting “Gaza’s health ministry” without informing readers that it is run by the same terror organisation which co-organises, funds and facilitates the ‘Great Return March’ agitprop, the report went on:

“The strikes follow weeks of confrontation along the Gaza border.

More than 120 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and thousands more wounded since a protest campaign began on 30 March, Gaza’s health ministry says.”

Readers were not informed that over 80% of those killed during the violent riots have been shown to be linked to assorted terror groups or that Hamas itself admitted that the vast majority of those killed on May 14th belonged to its organisation.

The report went on to give a context-free portrayal of the Palestinian demand for ‘right of return’ with no effort made by the BBC to explain to readers what Hamas freely admits: that the aim of that demand is the eradication of the Jewish state.

“The demonstrations have seen thousands of Palestinians mass on the border in support of the declared right of Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral homes in what is now Israel.”

Despite the fact that the BBC is fully aware of the fact that attacks with petrol bombs, IEDs and guns have taken place in addition to attempts to damage the fence and infiltrate Israeli territory, it continues to avoid presenting such information in its own words.

“Human rights groups have accused Israeli troops of using excessive force. Israel has said they have only opened fire in self-defence or on people trying to infiltrate its territory under the cover of the protests.”

Although the June 20th attacks began at around 01:15 and continued until just before 6 a.m., the BBC claimed a more limited time-frame.

“Air raid sirens and phone warning systems sounded before dawn in Israel.

The military said Iron Dome missile defence system intercepted seven rockets fired by militants. Kites carrying containers of burning fuel were also sent into Israel, the military said.”

With the BBC having refrained from producing any serious reporting on the topic of the hundreds of deliberate arson attacks perpetrated over the last two months, it is unlikely that BBC audiences would be able to fill in the blanks left by the BBC’s tepid description of “kites….sent into Israel”.

The later part of the report purports to provide background information (including a map sourced from a partisan UN agency) but avoids informing readers of the highly relevant fact that the blockade on the Gaza Strip was implemented in response to Hamas terror attacks and not – as implied by the BBC – because Hamas “ousted” the Palestinian Authority.

“Gaza, an impoverished enclave of some two million residents, has long been blockaded by Israel and Egypt.

The blockade was tightened after Hamas, an Islamist group that won Palestinian elections in 2006, ousted its secular Fatah rivals from Gaza a year later.”

Two days before this report was published terror groups had launched rockets at the Ashkelon area. That attack went unreported by the BBC at the time and was not mentioned in this report.

Although Israeli civilians residing in the Western Negev region have been the target of eleven separate incidents of missile attack from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this year, BBC audiences have not seen or heard even one interview with any of the thousands of the ordinary people affected by that terrorism. This report continued that editorial policy.




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    • That’s a far reaching conclusion for someone of supposed intelligence, a mere generalisation about an army more proficient than most in the world and far more tolerant of abuse than all armies in the world. If people do not want to get shot stay away from the border, or do not attack Israeli citizens, failure to abide by that oh so simple requirement makes them are easy targets for the army and also for the world to continue to criticise the IDF for doing it’s job and defending it’s borders which, even under the much quoted but completely unenforcable international law it has every right to do.

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  2. Hams does not have missiles as missiles can be directed.

    You show again no moral compass. It is all right to kill people that belong to organisations. With no self awareness you share the morals of Hams who do not care where their rockets hit and if they kill people.

    • Wrong again nottrampis,
      Missile:- noun
      1. an object which is forcibly propelled at a target, either by hand or from a mechanical weapon:
      missiles and mortar bombs are fired from a directional launcher whereby rotation and elevation are altered depending on the target being attacked therefore by definition they are aimed This involves mathematical calculations, too difficult for you? Morals? you would not recognise a moral if it slapped you in the face.The people are not being killed because they belong to an organisation, they are being killed because they are stupid enough to try to illegally enter Israel to capture or kill Jews.

      • you do know what a target means. These rockets have no target. They even hit their own people.

        always able to help people who do nor understand what they have written!

        And you show again you are no different to Hamas.

        • I am no different to Hamas, really? do I scheme plot and tell lies in order to justify my jihad? No. Do I attempt to murder innocent citizens? No, do I treat citizens under my control as slaves, no, do I indoctrinate those citizens from birth to kill Jews? No Do I steal medical aid intended for my citizens? No do I summarily execute without trial anyone who disagrees with me? No, do I execute gays and lesbians? no, do I pay terrorists for carrying out attacks on Israelis, no. Do I pay the families of terrorists an annual stipend if they are caught and imprisoned? no..Do I pay the families of terrorists who become a shahid for the false Palestinian cause no. Do I try to invade the borders of the State of Israel? no. Perhaps you nottrampis are looking in a mirror……..

          • of course you do.
            You told a lie about missiles. you lied about being murdered about crossing a fence.
            You believe innocent civilians can be murdered if they are members of an organisation.
            do you invade borders? do you realise what you write at all???

          • There is no reasoning with imbeciles like you, are you sure you know how to read? Seems to me you are stuck for ideas about how to defend the actions of a terrorist organisation that masquerades as a government, yes it is so much easier to attack the person who catches you out time and time again to divert from the truth. I will not be posting further on your pathetic attempts to justify rocket attacks on civilian populations claiming that they can not be targetted, if course that is the very reason they are indiscriminate you oaf

          • It is easy catching you out time and time again. you even catch yourself out as you did today.
            Another lie by you. I did not justify ROCKET attacks I merely said it was a lie that they were missiles as you confirmed. Missiles are targeted! you can only target something that can be directed.

            so let us see you think Jewish terrorists are okay but not Hamas. you cannot bring yourself to admit there were Jewish terrorists of the late 1940s so you.
            you cannot admit that even some of the land of Israel was stolen from Palestinians

            I suspect you cannot even lie straight in bed!.

          • Yes and I lied before about not posting again, you have justified not a single thing, nobody can justify the indiscriminate launching of rockets which as explained are launched from a launcher which makes them a missile, (you seem to be confusing missiles with guided missiles) at a civilian population where is YOUR moral compass, nobody can justify the indiscrimate launching of incendiary kites and destroying thousands of dunams of wheat fields, conservation areas and wildlife not even you. You catch yourself out by displaying your own illogical blind hatred to the general public, did youhave an UNWRA education?. The Irgun did exist and was a means to an end to fight for the survival of a race of people you seem happy to see destroyed, but at least it shows you know and understand that Jews were living in Israel back then a fact completely lost on the majority of anti-Israel trolls who poach web sites for brownie points. So you now admit that these shahids who sacrificed themselves for the cause were terrorists and will benefit financially for generations to come from their sacrifice, well that is a step in the right direction as for stolen land all the of the land west of the Jordan River was given back to Israel, 23% of the British Mandate of Palestine and 77% went to Trans Jordan and Syria, but of course like all greedy people Arabs want it all. So far you have not come up with a single fact a single justification for the terrorist attacks that have been taking place on Jews since long before 1922, apart from the racist hatred of the Jewish people. Subsequent attempts to destroy Israel by Arab nations ended in miserable failure and as with lot’s of other countries the spoils of war including land are either kept or given back. Giving back the Sinai brought some security, giving back Gaza brought none, so why would they now give it back. The Golan was, is and always will be Israel. BTW you only sleep straight when you are dead, just bear that in mind. If you put much more effort into the understanding the facts presented to you you would learn a little bit. I notice however that facts coming from you are very thin on the ground

          • You cannot help yourself lying can you. I at not stage supported the ROCKET attacks. Even you provide evince they are rockets not missiles. your comprehension problems yet again.

            Ah now we have it Jewish terrorists were justified in murdering innocent people because it was enabling the building of a country. Wow. That could come straight out of the Hamas handbook.

            I am the only one here who attacks terrorism on either side unlike your selective interpretation.

            you do not know facts, you change your story every time the Israeli Government does. first Hamas wanted to gain prisoners because of the demonstration. When the Government changed from that so did you, Now they were going to kill Israelis. mind you with only knives and pistols against semi-automatics the decision would be moot. Unfortunately for you a Cabinet minster then came in and wished they had breached the wall as the IDF has machine guns ready for that.

            You are simply just like Hams. you hate the other people so much you deny their humanity so then it does not matter if they are killed!

            Just a final word. If the rockets are indiscriminate or simply cannot be targeted ( which is why Palestinians are killed by them) they cannot be missiles. I refer to your definition even if you patently do not understand it.

          • As with commenting on any live situation as the situation develops and facts are revealed of course the comments and reporting changes. You obviously have not got the intelligence to understand that until an infiltrator was captured or killed he could not be searched to discover the plans and maps subsequently revealed. The standard modus operandi for Hamas is to capture and use as bargaining chips as in 2014. Therefore a slight change in opinion only took place when that information went public. It is a shame that it took you nearly 24 hours to get your handler to respond unlike you I think for myself. I do not deny anyone’s humanity indeed exactly the opposite but I will not accept lies and falsehoods being posted when quite obviously they are wrong. The Palestinians have every right to a peaceful life and a lot of them want one but the constant attacks on Israel’s borders and it’s citizens around the country are not going to help that be gained. Refusing to come to the negotiation table will not help that peace be achieved but of course you know that because you adhere to the Hamas mantra of the destruction of the State of Israel and the killing of all Jews. Just like the BBC you claim to be impartial however always attack anyone on here for supporting the Jewish State or supporting the Israeli Government. This makes your allegiance clear to everyone and thus a troll. FYI a brick thrown is a missile just as much as a rocket is a missile. A ball bearing fired from a catapult is a missile, however a guided missile like a Cruise Missile can be aimed to within plus or minus 1 meter, Hamas are not sending Cruise Missiles they are indescriminate rockets aimed at civilian populations. The lack of understanding of the printed word is totally on your side.

          • You poor sod, you do not even understand the definition you brought up which demolished your case.

            Yet again you cannot help yourself with more lies.

            I perfectly accept Israel right to exist as a country.Always have always will.

            I just do not accept inaccurate claims frequently made here

          • If I am then you must also be a poor sod, I do understand the definition it is you who does not comprehend the difference. By using a launcher which is angled East in the direction of Israel implies it is targetting the civilian population of Israel, they are aiming at Israel in general and could not care less if it blows up a house or lands in a field, indescriminate means just that, i.e. it does not descriminate between the two things. You seem more concerned with my lies than you do with the actual truth.

          • You just dig yourself deeper and deeper. So it is put in a direction and that is targeting. I suppose they targeted their own population on occasions!

            They cannot direct the ROCKETS in any accurate way. That is why they are rockets. If Hamas had missiles Israel would have every right to invade Gaza.

            A missile is directed at a specific target. The person or persons directing it knows where it will hit.
            The actual truth is Hams does not have the capacity to direct their rockets. That they can cavalierly kill their one population shows how evil they are.

            The Jewish terrorists of the late 1940s although clearly involved in massacres did not even approach killing their own kind.

          • And as I have explained multiple times that is exactly what indescriminate means, yes Hamas did kill many of their own in 2014 and continue to do so and put the lives of their citizens in harms way, again that is their modus operandi, that of an irresponsible dictatorship, which you call a government but if so they are a government to whom their citizens have no value and are just pawns in this game of chess.

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