BBC News ignores PA reactions to moves relating to terror payments

As documented here at the time, last week BBC News website visitors saw an exceptionally rare reference to the Palestinian Authority’s payments to terrorists and their families in a report about a new Israeli law linked to that issue.

BBC News does some catch-up reporting on PA’s terror salaries

“In that report BBC audiences were told for the first time that:

“It [the Palestinian Authority] is estimated to spend about $330m each year – about 7% of its budget – on salaries and benefits under the programme.”

The BBC’s first mention of the Taylor Force Act comes in the last paragraph of the report:

“In March, the US Congress approved similar legislation, the Taylor Force Act, which suspends some US financial aid to the PA until it stops making payments to prisoners and their families. The act was named after an American killed in an attack by a Palestinian in Israel in 2016.”

Several days later, attendees at a Fatah Central Committee meeting heard PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ reaction to the Israeli legislation – including the interesting claim that payments to terrorists began even before the existence of any ‘occupation’.

“Abbas lashed out at Israel for its decision to deduct payments made by the PA to families of “martyrs” and security prisoners (from tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinians), saying the Palestinians will take measures in accordance with their interest. He did not provide details about the nature of the measures the Palestinians were planning.

“We won’t allow anyone to interfere with the money [that is paid to the prisoners and families of “martyrs],” Abbas stressed. “They are our martyrs and prisoners and the injured and we will continue to pay them. We started the payments in 1965.””

BBC audiences have not seen any coverage of that statement (along with a vow to reject the anticipated US peace plan before it has even been made public) from Mahmoud Abbas.

As was noted here at the time, the BBC’s report did not inform readers that on the same day as the Israeli law was passed, Australia announced that it had “ended direct aid to the Palestinian Authority over fears its donations will be used to pay Palestinians convicted of terrorism and their families”.

The following day senior Palestinian Authority official Nabil Shaath (who is Abbas’ advisor on Foreign Affairs and International Relations) gave his reaction to that announcement on official PA TV. The Australian reported that Shaath stated:

“Australia’s decision about transferring $10 million angered me greatly. That’s all that Australia pays — $10 million that it pays to us, to the PA, through the international bank,” he said.

“(Australia) said that it transferred (the aid) to the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, so that it would not serve the payment of the salaries of the (martyrs and prisoners’) families.

“In other words, the truth is they are worthy of being spat on. You (Australians) are the servants of the US. No decision is made without Australia voting as the US votes — sometimes only these three vote: Israel, America and Australia …

“We do not want to declare war on Australia. But it cannot be, in other words, sometimes there is insolence that is impossible (to accept). I don’t want your $10 million. I don’t want to chase after them.””

Unsurprisingly, BBC audiences have seen no reporting on that story either.


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  1. The BBC reports only news that favours the Palestinians and does not regard murderers of Israeli citizens as terrorists. The BBC is a thorn in the side of Israel that should be removed.

  2. Davy, unable to post a rightous comment if his life depended on it, unable to see another side to any story, only his side, what a shame, he does not understand what (so called) life is like living alongside a terrorist regime, who steal, lie, cheat and murder and pay stipends for acts of terror and murder. If you are unable to see the writing on the wall then you are done for. If the Palestinians actually put the money they beg from the world into the economy and into the pockets of the people who need it not the martyrs whose families receive this money in perpetuity for terrorist acts, and allow their leaders to pocket the rest and build palaces and buy personal jet aircraft then Gaza would not be the hell hole that it supposedly is.

    • I know your side of the story, Neil.

      Israel is all good. Palestinians are all bad.

      Israel seeks to control the whole region. It doesn’t seek peace until its total control has been established. Its terms terms for peace are such.
      Hamas is designated a terrorist organisation. Israel was enabled through Jewish terrorism.
      The Palestinians have no choice to resist this other than terrorism which has served Israel well over the years.
      Anything that thd Palestjnians build will be destroyed on thd first day of any conflict using weaponry gifted by US taxpayers (over $3,500,000,000 EVERY SINGLE YEAR)

      It’s always wrong to murder civilians, whether by Hamas militants or by IDF militants.

      p.s. the BBC is the world’s must trusted broadcaster. Seems that yourself and other Zionists are intent on bad-mouthing it for that reason.

      • We pay for the BBC through a license fee and despite having a mandate requiring them to be impartial they are unaccountable to anyone, let alone the public that fund them. Their bias has nothing to do with my belief but everything to do with their belief that the Palestinians had a bad deal when the State of Israel was legally formed and despite numberous attempts by Arab nations surrounding Israel to destroy Israel, time and time again they have failed miserably. It even says in the Quran that Israel belongs to the Jewish People, let alone confirmation in the Old Testament and the Torah. The Jews in Israel have been attacked and slaughtered by many countries in the last 3,500 years so my stance has more to do with the fact that the BBC are incapable (like you) of being fair and even handed. To correct you the only region Israel seeks to control is Israel and they are content with far less than was originally offered when the British government first suggested the plan, which when offered to them was mainly a barren wasteland where hardly anyone lived, which they have cultivated and transformed into a vibrant country that is 10th in the world of technologal innovation. During the last 25 years Israel have not created one new settlement, but reading the BBC and listening to you it is a daily ocurrence of land grabs. All Israelis want is peace but all Palestinians want is Israel, and whilst each generations of Palestinians are brought up to hate “Yehud” to kill “Yehud” and indoctrinated with hate and lies by UNWRA from birth, the situation will never be solved. Your view is clearly visible as is mine, perhaps you are a friend of Roger Waters who holds similar twisted views. The BBC are not the world’s most trusted broadcaster, indeed the whole industry is incapable of elliciting trust from a large part of the population because of their bias on many things not just Israel.

        • Wrong!

          Balfour GAVE the Jews A home IN Palestine …NOT Palestine.

          Read the thing.

          The settlement expansions ARE eating up landx. Do NOT use deceitful words please.

  3. “Balfour GAVE the Jews A home IN Palestine …NOT Palestine” boy you are having a bad day Davy and you are also wrong….. Balfour gave no such thing, he merely wrote a letter suggesting the idea Jews have a home in the British Mandate of Palestine, which had been captured when the Ottoman Empire fell. The British Mandate of Palestine was not a country nor a state and was an area that included parts of Syria and all of Trans-Jordan. When the deal went through only 23% of the British Mandate land land was given Israel but they still accepted it, but the Palestinians did not, thereby begins a long and torrid struggle. If people were so upset that Palestinians were denied their homes, byt the creation of Israel, why did Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt all deny Palestinans citizenship rather than create this ludicrous UN circus and special status refugees in perpetuity? Put simply because they are intent on the mass destruction of Jews worldwide and the destruction of Israel and yet you have the chutzpah to call me deceitful becuase you deny Israel the right to grow and expand in it’s own land? don’t make me laugh, taqiyya is an Islamic trait and I ain’t no Muslim

      • So you are a supporter of Corbyn. That explains a lot. BTW, there is no anti Corbyn witch hunt, just an understanding that he has declared himself a friend of a number of terror gangsters – Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA, and has stood in line to greet the butcher of Damascus, Assad.

        And if he is a friend – his words, not mine – of murderous gangsters like these, he’s no friend of mine or of my coreligionists. Not surprising that you who for distorted reasons of your own, have a problem with Israel, would take a useful idiot like Corbyn, to your heart.

        Not a witch hunt – he has stood up and been photographed, video’d and recorded, lauding the people who would, or in Assads case, actually have, killed hundreds and thousands of his own people and displaced millions of others, including, it should not be forgotten, Palestinian Arabs who used to live in Syria. Not any more – they’re dead or departed.

      • I echo your thoughts and conclusions emeff, Davy loving Corbyn the new fuhrer explains it all really.

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