BBC Two presenter Victoria Derbyshire should read this A-Z thread on Labour antisemitism

As followers of BBC Watch no doubt recall, on Aug. 15th, BBC Two presenter Victoria Derbyshire interviewed two British Jews, Mark Lewis and his partner Mandy Blumenthal, to discuss their view that antisemitism in the UK has become so bad that they no longer felt safe living there, and had decided to emigrate to Israel.

As we noted at the time, the interview was so biased – and at times hostile – that the BBC presenter could have been mistaken for a Jeremy Corbyn spokesperson, as she spouted off meaningless Labour talking points, used misleading statistics attempting to downplay antisemitism and seemed convinced that the couple was grossly exaggerating their concerns – despite death threats and other forms of abuse they’ve experienced.  

Derbyshire even at one point – in an attempt to discredit their claims – accused Lewis and Blumenthal of belonging to a non-existent Zionist political party in the UK.

Yesterday, @GasherJew, a twitter account that’s been doing extremely important work exposing antisemitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, tweeted the following thread containing an A-Z of examples of Labour antisemitism.

The list is especially useful for journalists and pro-Corbyn activists who deny that antisemitism is a serious issue in the party, or suggest that the problem has been greatly exaggerated by the British Jewish community. (See web version of the twitter thread here)

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17 comments on “BBC Two presenter Victoria Derbyshire should read this A-Z thread on Labour antisemitism

  1. Derbyshire must have attended the Bowen classes on how to breach impartiality guidelines and lie through your teeth, she must be dimmer than she looks as a recent survey reveals that 40% of British Jews would consider leaving the UK if Corbyn became PM. Of course perhaps this is all part of the Bowen master plan to get all Jews in one place making them easier to wipe out which is still the PLO and Hamas master plan despite what the pro Iranian BBC would have you believe. Stop the BBC anti-Israel bias

  2. How is Corbyn is so powerful a political figure since he cannot introduce let alone pass laws and he isn’t even in front in most of the published polls ??

    Lewis and Blumenthal can make ludicrous statements and no-one but no-one challenges their absurdities.

    If antisemitism is rife in the old dart then clearly it is the result of conservative’s policies and/or political attitudes not because of a very poor and clearly unelectable Opposition leader

    • You are an oaf, how can his antisemitism be the result of conservative policies?, what an absolutely idiotic statement to make. His antisemitism manifests itself in him from his upbringing, his complete lack of morals and his embracing all forms of communism including praising dictators like Che Guevara, hence him speaking Spanish, (ever heard of the Inquisition?) hence him having no morals and actively supporting the racist BDS movement. He has two failed marriages the first following his refusal to stop his affair with Diane Abbott (ugh) forcing his first wife to divorce him, his second wife a Chilean he divorced when she refused to send her son to a comprehensive school. He denies Jews living in Israel the right to self determination and he is friends with Hamas and Hezbollah both banned terrorist organisations, in short looks like an anti-semite, talks like an antisemite etc. Anyone giving a three quid membership to gullible students to boost his numbers to over half a million on the promise of unachievable free university education is nothing but a liar and a cheat. The rise in popularity of the Momentum party created to provide a vehicle to control the NEC and deselect MP’s who do not agree with his policies has proven to be a success and destroyed the Labour Party’s fundamental founding principles, yet he still insists he is not a racist, yes he is a joke but a very dangerous joke.

        • More like you have finger trouble and I quote your post “If antisemitism is rife in the old dart then clearly it is the result of conservative’s policies and/or political attitudes ” chew on that and blame your own comprehension of the words you write

          • Yes that means if there is any antisemitism it is the result of the conservative’s being in government for quite a few years.

            It isn’t a result of a very poor opposition leader.
            please read properly.

          • Like I said you are an oaf, attempting to blame his antisemitism on the government’s policies, Leah was correct you are an idiot. You change your story like the change in the wind. Now you claim he isn’t a poor opposition leader when quite clearly he is as he is unable to streak ahead in the polls, but being a poor opposition leader does make him any less dangerous as he has the support of Lansmen’s Momentum Party and the Unions and sell tickets to the Labour Party for £3.00 a time. His inaction on anti-semitism in the Labour Party over the last three years makes him complicit in that anti-semitism, his approval of the whitewashed Chakrabarti investigation for which he gave her a peerage also makes him complicit. His statement that Jews who have lived in this country for centuries do not understand British irony make him complicit, walks like one talks like one and is one

          • You clearly have no understanding of english. Get a translator.

            A very poor opposition leader means he is a very poor Opposition leader
            I have always said Corbyn is a very poor opposition leader. He is against a party in turmoil yet is still trailing in most polls.

          • A poor leader is a desperate leader and will do anything for power, your grasp of many basic concepts is sadly lacking and your posts make no sense whatsoever.

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