Have your say: a public consultation on the BBC Editorial Guidelines

The BBC has launched a public consultation on the topic of its Editorial Guidelines.

“The BBC has opened a consultation on a revised draft of the Editorial Guidelines which set the content standards for the BBC’s programme makers and other content producers for BBC services.

The Guidelines cover impartiality, accuracy, fairness, privacy and harm and offence, and further sections deal with a range of topics such as religious programming, war, terror, conflicts of interest, competitions, votes, relationships with other organisations and commercial references.

The Guidelines evolve over time to take account of changes in BBC regulation as set out in the BBC’s Royal Charter and Agreement; changes in legislation, developments in editorial thinking and lessons learnt from editorial rulings as well as reflecting changes in public attitudes and technology. The BBC therefore periodically reviews the Guidelines to ensure they keep pace with both our legal requirements and with changing audience expectations.

Under the current Charter, the BBC Board is responsible for the Editorial Guidelines. The Agreement states that the BBC must: “set, publish, review periodically, and observe guidelines designed to secure appropriate standards in the context of the UK Public Services”. This is the first revision of the Editorial Guidelines under this new governance system.”

Background reading concerning the consultation – including details of where to send a submission – can be found here.

The BBC’s proposed draft of the revised guidelines can be found here. Of particular interest is Section 11 – commencing on page 122 – titled ‘War, Terror and Emergencies’. As regular readers will be aware, the BBC’s record of adhering to its existing guidance on ‘Language When Reporting Terrorism’ is inconsistent.

The existing editorial guidelines (published in 2010) can be found here.

Submissions must be made by November 12th 2018.





5 comments on “Have your say: a public consultation on the BBC Editorial Guidelines

  1. Waste of time and BBC TV taxpayers’ £145.50 pa licence fee money. The internet -friendly world needs no national broadcaster/propagandists threatening non-payers with jail like the BBC does. PM May should close down the BBC overnight, like the Greeks did to their national broadcaster. But don’t, of course, hold your breath.

    • Oh, and hypothecate the TV-tax-money to the victims of the 52-year late unconvicted Sir Jimmy Savile child-rape and assault, scandal, some in his caravan in the BBC parking lot.

  2. The utterly vile BBC will continue to stick up a middle finger to anyone who criticises them for breaching their existing guidelines every day of the week, indeed being in breach of their charter. And for hiding the Balen report.
    Fuck them.

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