BBC News website replaces a photo caption with anonymous ‘criticism’

On the evening of February 6th a report headlined “US to buy Israeli Iron Dome missile defence system” was published on the BBC News website’s ‘US & Canada’ and ‘Middle East’ pages.

Overall the report’s text gives an accurate account of the story.

“The US military has announced plans to buy and test out Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system.

The system, which uses radar and interceptor missiles to combat incoming threats, has been in use since 2011.

The US Department of Defence has said the system will be used on a test basis, while it assesses options for the military’s long-term needs.”

The report includes a photograph which was originally captioned “Iron Dome anti-missile system fires an interceptor missile as rockets are launched from Gaza towards Israel near the southern city of Sderot, Israel August 9, 2018”.

The BBC however chose to reword that photo’s caption as follows:

“The system, which took billions of dollars to develop, has faced criticism for its cost”.

Criticism from whom? Is that criticism relevant or justified? What is the cost of the system? Is its cost made effective by savings elsewhere? The BBC of course did not bother to answer any of those questions.

In 2015 missile defence expert Uzi Rubin published a paper comparing three conflicts: the 2006 Second Lebanon War – during which Israel did not yet have the Iron Dome – and Operations Pillar of Defence in 2012 and Protective Edge in 2014. With the number of rockets fired in each of those conflicts on record, he was able to calculate the relative lethality of rockets before and after deployment of the defence system.

In addition, Rubin examined the number of claims for government compensation following property damage during those three conflicts.

According to local reports, one Iron Dome interceptor missile costs $50,000, and the estimated price of one battery, including its command and control system, is $50 million.

BBC audiences are of course no strangers to bizarre BBC criticism of the Iron Dome system. While this latest report offers readers ‘related reading’ from November 2012 in the form of a profile of the system and an article by diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus, the following year the corporation published at least three reports questioning the system’s effectiveness before changing its tune again in 2017.

Old habits die hard.

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5 comments on “BBC News website replaces a photo caption with anonymous ‘criticism’

  1. Wnat is the value of each life in Israel saved by Iron Dome, even it is a statically probability issue? A life would seem to be worth far more than each $50,000 interceptor missile – except perhaps to the BBC and its fellow traveling anti-Zionists.
    The ultimate reason for Iron Dome is to convince the Arabs of the futility of attacking Israel and turn their vision toward peaceful coexistence. That outlets like the BBC criticize such clearly defensive weaponry only gives aid and comfort to those who know only violence and look for allies in their genocidal mission against the Jewish people.

  2. Beeboid Jonathan Marcus got it monumentally wrong in 2012 with his anti-Israel biased analysis of the wonderful life-saving Iron Dome. Then he questioned the success rate and efficacy of the missile defence system, quoting the discredited Isra-hater Richard Silverstein.

    Now he and the corrupt Isra-haters at the BBC are clearly broiges, because the US has purchased it as the best system in the market, nay the world, compared to locally produced US alternatives. Doubtless the US will establish a US production facility for Iron Dome, which is already part-funded by the US Treasury. This will create thousands of new US jobs, Israeli jobs and save countless more lives.

    Perhaps Jonathan will now be turning his faulty analytical attention to Israel’s wonderful life-saving Drone Dome drone defence system, recently purchased by the British military and swiftly deployed before Christmas at Heathrow and Gatwick airports. This followed British police incompetence in delaying the use of Drone Dome, which caused thousands of ruined Christmas holidays for passengers when the airports were closed after unidentified drones (one still unidentified) were spotted in the airspace. Thank goodness no lives were lost because of these drones, but Israel’s Drone Dome could have intercepted them.

    Conclusion: Do not trust the Isra-hating BBC for defence analysis.

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  4. Very simple. There is a very high cost to the BBC’s audience who aren’t able to cheer Jewish death and misery.

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