BBC portrayal of the AMIA bombing omits significant information

An article headlined “Argentina’s Chief Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich attacked during break-in” was posted on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on February 26th with the billing “Israel condemns attack on Argentina’s chief rabbi”.

“Argentina’s Chief Rabbi has been taken to hospital after being beaten in a night-time attack at his home in the capital Buenos Aires. […]

In a statement, Amia – a Jewish cultural centre – said the attackers stole money and told Mr Davidovich: “We know that you are the Amia Rabbi.””

The final paragraph in that report reads as follows:

“In 1994, the Amia building was targeted in a bomb attack that killed 85 people and remains the country’s deadliest terrorist incident. Much of the evidence was subsequently lost or contaminated and no-one has been convicted in connection with the bombing.”

While those two sentences are in themselves accurate, is that really all the BBC has to tell its audiences about the AMIA bombing?

No mention of the Interpol red notices for four Iranian officials that remain in effect. No mention of the indictment of Argentina’s former president and foreign minister on charges of covering up Iranian involvement in the AMIA bombing. And no mention of the murder of the special prosecutor for the investigation into the bombing, Alberto Nisman.

That’s quite some omission, even by BBC standards.

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7 comments on “BBC portrayal of the AMIA bombing omits significant information

  1. The BBC once again caught being complicit in ‘whitewashing’ Iranian, deep rooted involvement in terrorism all around the world and the BBC question why many in the world hate Iran, well unlike the BBC they are not being funded by Iran. Stop the bias, perform to the requirements of your Royal Charter not the machinations of your Iranian puppeteers

  2. The BBC is a traitorous organisation – taking Danegelt from Iran and pushing Iran’s bogus credentials to all their audiences. They never praise Israel nor her achievements and it is the BBC World Service that should be “wiped off the map”

  3. It is only relevant if the attackers were related to the previous attack.

    What evidence do you have for that? You certainly have not provided any

      • how is it. Unless the perpetrators are related to the earlier incident and the writer has produced no evidence to say it is it is entirely irrelevant.

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