Revisiting BBC reporting on Hamas’ EU terror listing

In December 2014 a BBC News website headline misleadingly told audiences that “EU court takes Hamas off terrorist organisations list“. 

In September 2016 another headline informed BBC audiences that “EU advised to drop Hamas and Tamil Tigers from terror list”.

In July 2017 the BBC News website told its readers that “EU top court keeps Hamas on terror blacklist“.

On March 6th 2019 another chapter in that saga came to a close.

“A European Union court on Wednesday upheld a freeze on Hamas funds as it rejected the Palestinian group’s appeal against its EU listing as a terrorist organization.

The General Court’s ruling amounted to the latest rejection of Hamas’s efforts to be struck from an EU blacklist created in 2001 based on a UN resolution following the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

“In today’s judgment the General Court looks into each of the arguments made by Hamas and rejects them in their totality,” the Luxembourg-based court said in a statement.

As a result, “the decision to extend the freezing of Hamas funds is confirmed.””

As of the time of writing, no reporting on that story has appeared on the BBC News website’s ‘Europe’ or ‘Middle East’ pages but the addition of a clarifying footnote to that misleading December 2014 report which is still available online is surely long overdue.

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8 comments on “Revisiting BBC reporting on Hamas’ EU terror listing

  1. Is Hamas a terrorist group. Yes however like the similar but far more deadly Jewish terrorist groups of the late 1940s no-one apart from that part of the world is worried by them.
    Like the Jewish terrorist groups they are using terror to attain their own state. They are unlikely to succeed as they are nowhere as deadly or murderous although they would like to be much more so.

    In another irony from the late 1940s the IDF behaves similarly to the British army despite having better intelligence and understanding of the area.

    Thus there is no comparison at all between Hamas ans ISIL for example

    • Well I am glad to see that you finally agree they are terrorists, but attempting to draw comparisons between the Hagana of 70+ years ago and today’s Hamas terrorists is laughable. The facts were that the Hagana and it’s offshoot the Irgun were fighting (against the British) for survival of the Jewish race in full knowledge of the events that were taking place in Europe whereas, Hamas’s stated aim in life is not the survival of Palestinians but the destruction of the only Jewish homeland in the world and the eradication of Jews from this earth and provides no justification for their current environmentally and psychlogically destructive tactics. The further irony being that the world’s media continue try to invert that by claiming it is the Jews committing genocide despite figures for Palestinian populaton growth proving otherwise and in fact showing a population increase in Gaza of 3.5% per annum which is in-line with the top five countries in the world.

      • Finally agree. I said it ages ago!
        funny how a murdering pommies turns into murdering Palestinians indeed murdering anyone.
        I agree in one sense it is laughable. The Jewish terrorists of yesteryear were far more successful in murdering people and at terrorising people..

        Hamas nor any other organisation or country for that matter can ever destroy Israel.

        Once that canard is ignored then one can attempt to enable Palestinians living their dream as all people wish to. Own a home and have secure employment.
        As anyone can view elsewhere when this occurs violence falls away markedly

        • Funny how the Palestinian population has increased five-fold since Israel was founded. Not very good at murder, obviously. The only bad thing here is that they’re also not good at “murdering” the fashionable narrative to which you subscribe.

        • They could achieve all that and more if they would stop listening to and accepting their daily payment from Hamas in return for daily violent rioting along the border and releasing balloon explosives, fire kites, burning tyres, throwing IEDs and attempting to break through the border fence. It really is just a daily pallywood soap opera production for the media to soak up. However these robotic youngsters have been brainwashed from birth by UNWRA to hate and their programming was so good they continue to try, however futile that may be, but they fail to see the utter stupidity of their actions.

    • More of your ignorance. First of all, it was not the practice of the Palmach to target civilians and to set off secondary bombs to kill rescue workers.

      Furthermore, Israel has only executed one person in its history. The British made use of public hangings.

      • Jewish Terrorist groups did not differentiate.
        I did not mention a single group.
        Israel has only executed one person???

        for petes sake they executed several people in the last demonstrations merely because they were members of organisations.
        They regularly execute people they designate a threat to Israel through their air force.

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