A story about Labour and antisemitism that the BBC chose to ignore

Since the BBC One ‘Panorama’ documentary about antisemitism in the UK Labour party was aired last week the BBC has produced a considerable amount of multi-platform follow-up content on that topic.

One recent story which the BBC has however not covered is the reaction to a Labour MP’s meeting with a member of the Jordanian parliament.

“A senior member of the UK Labour Party met last week in London with a Jordanian lawmaker who has voiced support for terror attacks against Israelis and called for tearing up the peace deal between his country and Israel.

Yahya al-Saud, a member of Jordan’s House of Representatives, posted a picture to his Facebook account Thursday of himself with Labour MP Fabian Hamilton outside the Houses of Parliament. […]

According to al-Saud, he and other members of the Jordanian parliament’s Palestine Committee met with Hamilton at the House of Commons, where they discussed stopping Israel’s “racist” practices toward the Palestinians, as well other aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. […]

The Jordanian MP has on a number of occasions backed violence against Israel, including suicide bombings, and said the 1994 Israeli-Jordanian peace agreement “has brought nothing but disasters to the Jordanian people.”

He has also called to “liberate our holy places from the plundering Jews” and said he is “a slave to whoever takes me to Palestine as a fighter,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute watchdog.”

Following criticism, including from some of his constituents, Mr Hamilton later claimed that ‘he was not aware of Yahya al-Saud’s “appalling and Anti-Semitic remarks” when he met him and other Jordanian lawmakers in London’. One trusts that the same goes for the Jordanian MP’s misogyny and history of brawling.

However a no less interesting part of this story concerns the background to that meeting. One of the photographs posted by al Saud shows him (second from the left) meeting the British MP (third from the left).

Second from the right in that photo is Zaher Birawi and the explanation for that is found in the Jordanian media. [emphasis added]

“MP Yahya Saud, who leads a parliamentary delegation to London, on Tuesday said that Jordan is paying the price of defending the Palestinian cause and safeguarding the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem

The delegation met with Palestinian and Arab community leaders and representatives of media institutions, with the presence of Jordanian Deputy Ambassador to the UK Daifallah Fayez, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

During the meeting, which was organised by the European Communication Forum and the Palestinian British Forum, Saud said that Jordanians stand behind their Hashemite leadership in rejection of the so-called “deal of the century”, adding that they sternly reject turning Jordan into an “alternative homeland” for Palestinians.” 


“MP Yahya al-Sa’ud told the meeting that all Jordanians stand united behind His Majesty King Abdullah II in his rejection of the so-called “deal of the century” and any proposals to make Jordan a substitute homeland for the Palestinians. 

The meeting figured high on the Hashemite custodianship over Muslim and Christian shrines in occupied Jerusalem. The meeting was organized by the Europal Forum in cooperation with the Palestinian-British Forum.”

While we do not know whether or not the Jordanian delegation similarly brought up the topic of “the Hashemite custodianship over Muslim and Christian shrines” in Jerusalem with the MPs and member of the House of Lords that they also met in London, it does seem highly likely.

Had the BBC reported this story it could have performed a useful public service by informing MPs and the public alike that, although Jordan has been trying for some time to promote the notion that it holds custodianship of Christian sites in Jerusalem, as recently documented by our colleagues at CAMERA Arabic that is not the case.

Another service the UK’s public broadcaster could have provided by investigating this story would be to apprise British politicians such as Mr Hamilton of the background to the groups which apparently set up his meeting with the Jordanian MP about whom he now says he was under informed.

The link between the ‘Palestinian Forum in Britain’ – described as “one of the components of the Hamas support network in the UK” – and ‘the EuroPal Forum’ is Zaher Birawi. As previously noted on these pages in connection to his role in the organisation of the ‘Great Return March’:

“…in addition to playing a role in convoys and flotillas,  Zaher Birawi was also involved in the organisation of the 2012 ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ and was previously director of the UK-based Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) – an organisation banned in Israel due to its Hamas affiliations.

More recently Birawi has been active in the role of chairman of the London-based EuroPal Forum – an organisation which appears to have replaced the Council for European Palestinian Relations (also banned by Israel) which became defunct after its director – Arafat Shoukri , who was also involved with the Palestinian Return Center – left the UK for Qatar (and a job with Al Jazeera) around 2014.”

The UK Labour party’s connections to Hamas-linked organisations such as the ‘Palestinian Forum in Britain’ and the ‘Palestinian Return Centre’ (with which Fabian Hamilton met in December 2017) caused some British commentators to ask “when is Labour going to take action in relation to its own extremism problem?” long before Jeremy Corbyn was elected as party leader.

Some in-depth reporting on that meeting on Parliament premises between British politicians and the Jordanian delegation could have contributed significantly to the understanding of the BBC’s funding public as to how the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis was – and continues to be – incubated as well as how foreign interest groups with links to a terrorist organisation have access to their lawmakers. 

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  1. The propaganda campaign continues, report what fits the BBC agenda but do not report what actually may inform the public the truth of the situation, the BBC continuing to distort the truth by stealth and taqiyya.

  2. As forecast, BBC teletext reports today how Iran denied their drone was shot down by the US and repeats their moan about their tanker being “seized” at Gibraltar. No mention of the brave US’s and UK’s resistance to Iranian interfering with international oil tankers – nor the massive sums owen by Iran in compensation for their murdering terrorists. Guaranteed that more weasel-words from the BBC Iranian-backing reports will follow.

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  4. You again conflate criticism of Israel and antisemitism.
    It even isn’t anti Semitic to support terror attack against people living in Israel. Stupid yes but not antisemitic.
    One minor point there are no holy christian sites anywhere lat alone in Israel..

    • Once again you show your lack of comprehension that Israel is the only Jewish state in the world, hence attacks on it or it’s citizens of are antisemitic, especially when the people making those attacks are following the Islamic doctrine of death to Israel and death to Jews. Open your senses and smell the coffee. The words you utter about Christianity show that you are a complete ignoramus, since Christianity is founded upon the five books of Moses and hence has many holy sites in Israel, just keep smoking the ganja and making a fool of yourself.

      • err no,
        go to a dictionary and see what antisemitism is.
        Attacking Israel or its citizens could well be because they are denying other people their country.i.e. it is political

        Of course people in Israel who talk about terror now are the gravest hypocrites given what jewish terrorists di in the creation of the jewish state.

        No there is nothing on earth that is holy fd for a christian. It is a sinful world. A holy place cannot be in a p lace of sin.

        • Er, yes. The targets of the terrorist attacks are civilians, not military. As for definitions, the currently accepted definition includes applying special standards to Israel as anti-Semitic.

          Furthermore, the Palmach attacked military targets and issued warnings. These are willful omissions on your part.

          • err no. an attack on a nation which is what we are talking about is about retaking territory..
            sorry attacks by the Irigun, stern gang etc and others which murdered arabs in numbers Hams could only dream about was what?

    • It is one and the same if the standards applied to Israel are not applied elsewhere. Against whom else besides Jews are the terror attacks directed? Martians?

        • Yes, exactly the same. Arabs attacking Jews even before 1948. Have you ever heard of a city called Hebron?

          • ah yes ignore the Jewish terrorists again. It was a war about territory as is the phony war today

          • Trying to fashionably draw conclusions are you? Can you name any specific Arab terrorist group that issued warnings about an impending operation, like the Palmach did?

          • why do you ignore groups such and Irgun or the Stern gang.
            When Palestinians fled villages for their lives they had good reason to.

          • Because they were a minority within the overall Jewish resistance to British colonialism, as I have explained before. You are trying to draw false moral equivalence between the two.

          • minority yet they killed more. wow.
            Used blatantly by Ben Gurion to consolidate the State od Israel.
            no wonder you ignored them.

            I am always amuse by apologists for Israel attempting to say you cannot negotiate with anyone from Palestine yet two my murderers thugs who became Prime Minister shewed people can change,
            Has happened in other countries as well.

          • I am always amused by apologists who ignore the real naqba, the blatently racist policies of the Arab nations, banning Jews from owning businesses, banning them from gaining employment, confiscating their home and assets and forcing them and their families to leave to make a new life in Israel or just slaughtering them. The very same Arab governments that then decided to do exactly the same to Palestinians the same Arab governments that blame Israel for accepting 23% of the land originally offered to them to recreate their historical home in the then barren land of Israel.

          • They were incorporated into the Israeli government in much the same way that Arafat became President of the PA and Abbas currently serves in that capacity. No wonder you ignore that.

            Using your logic, we can assume that all Brits are murderers because there was Jack the Ripper. Considering his popularity, Colonel Dyer could have held office in the UK despite the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre.

          • Maybe the same one that causes you to have a double standard about those you call “murderous thugs.” Obviously, you can’t accept that for Jews, but you do for Arabs.

          • I can call all terrorists murderous thugs you apparently cannot do that about Jewish terrorists.

          • I didn’t talk about Arafat but go ahead and mislead I only talked about two Israeli PMs. Was Arafat a murderous thug. Of course.

            Is there any other area you wish to mislead on?

          • “what part of people can change don’t you understand?”

            I suppose that was in reference to Buddha? Arafat can change, but the Israelis remain “murderous thugs.” Go ahead and continue to deny.

          • Mate you need to go and have some english lessons. It was clearly aimed at both Begin and Shamir changing from their murderous past. I also noted this had occurred in other countries as well.

          • Furthermore, I’ve pointed out and you have not disputed, that the Irgun and the Stern Gang were the minority. Not so for Arabs.

          • “err no. an attack on a nation which is what we are talking about is about retaking territory..
            sorry attacks by the Irigun, stern gang etc and others which murdered arabs in numbers Hams could only dream about was what?”

            In 1929, Arabs nearly wiped out the entire Jewish population of Hebron. Israel has never nearly wiped out a whole Arab city. Err yes.

  5. Jordan were according to 1994 26 October ” Peace” treaty
    see https://mfa.gov.il/mfa/foreignpolicy/peace/guide/pages/israel-jordan%20peace%20treaty.aspx



    Each party will provide freedom of access to places of religious and historical significance.
    In this regard, in accordance with the Washington Declaration, Israel respects the present special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Muslim Holy shrines in Jerusalem. When negotiations on the permanent status will take place, Israel will give high priority to the Jordanian historic role in these shrines.
    The Parties will act together to promote interfaith relations among the three monotheistic religions, with the aim of working towards religious understanding, moral commitment, freedom of religious worship, and tolerance and peace.:

  6. Trying to wiggle free now? Hahahaha! Your comment was in direct response to what I had stated before:
    “They were incorporated into the Israeli government in much the same way that Arafat became President of the PA and Abbas currently serves in that capacity. No wonder you ignore that.” And that was after you called Begin and Shamir “murderous thugs.”
    To late to backtrack now!

      • I hope that it’s not good riddance. After all, your carping anti-Zionist drivel drives more people to this blog and they can read about what a mendacious fishwrapper the BBC is concerning Israel.

        Thank you for your support of Zionism!

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