Have your say: BBC launches consultation on complaints procedures

Yesterday the BBC launched a public consultation concerning two parts of its complaints procedure: editorial complaints and general complaints.

Editorial complaints are defined as those concerning a particular item broadcast or published while general complaints cover issues that fall outside the BBC’s other categories.

An explanation of the background to the consultation and the BBC’s proposed amendments to the complaints procedure can be found here.

The existing complaints framework can be found here.

The consultation will run until April 3rd 2020 and submissions can be sent by email to:


or by post to:

 BBC Corporate Affairs,

Room 5045,

BBC Broadcasting House,

Portland Place,

London W1A 1AA.

4 comments on “Have your say: BBC launches consultation on complaints procedures

  1. BBC complaints procedures should not be handled by the BBC – nor any connected bodies. Next we will learn that the ECU is also staffed by institutional arabists – with not one Zionist amongst them.

  2. There is no point. They either take no notice or think, in their arrogant, patronising manner they are superior and we are really don’t understand.. Freda


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