Another Gaza missile attack ignored by the BBC

Late on July 1st, a missile attack was launched from the Gaza Strip.

“A rocket was fired on Friday night from the Gaza Strip, striking a kindergarten in Sderot. The building was damaged, but no persons were physically wounded. One person suffered a panic attack, requiring treatment.

At 10:59pm, a Code Red rocket alert was sounded in Sderot and in several communities located within the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. Residents ran for cover in protected shelters.”

The Israeli airforce later responded with strikes on Hamas infrastructure in the northern and central Gaza Strip.

As has overwhelmingly been the case since the beginning of 2016, there was no reporting of the attack on the BBC News website.No news

January 1stBBC News ignores Gaza missile attacks, BBC Arabic reports Israeli response

January 24thBBC News ignores Gaza missile attack again – in English

March 11thBBC News continues to ignore missile attacks on Israelis – in English

March 15thmissile attack not reported.

May 6thPatchy and selective BBC News reporting of Gaza border incidents

May 25th: missile attack not reported, response reported in Arabic.

July 1st: missile attack not reported.

That pattern of reporting has been predominant since the end of the conflict between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip in 2014. Audiences continue to be systematically deprived of information vital to their understanding of this particular “international issue”, in clear breach of the pledges to its funding public laid out in the BBC’s public purposes


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  1. There are no more than 30,000 actual 1948 Palestinian “refugees” still alive, but their extended generationS of family have been sustained in their delusions by the media. Costly UNRWA has fostered this dangerous delusion which has cost so many lives that it makes negotiations doubtful and not trustworthy. I would expect that when a Palestinian state could be negotiated, it would expect it to be Jew free and move 600,000 Jewish “settlers”. Stick with Herzog, go back to 1947 borders, and forget about the near million 1948 Arab Jewish.(Mizrahim) refugees whose lands had been stolen from the four times the size of Israel. Where oh where are the “Jewish controlled media” when you need them?

  2. Let us be clear about this – the BBC are enemies of Israel and use every opportunity to attack Israel via propaganda or by failing to report events in Israel’s favour. The recent murders by Palestinians in the West Bank are directly linked to the BBC’s encouragement of violence against Israeli civilians and should be condemned world-wide for the blood on their hands.

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