BBC censors parts of Mahmoud Abbas speech once again

An article that appeared on the BBC News website on January 14th under the headline “Jerusalem embassy: Abbas says Trump plan ‘slap of the century’” purports to inform audiences about a speech made by the Palestinian president and PLO chairman at a meeting of the PLO central council.

The BBC reported the content of Abbas’ speech as follows:

“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has described US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace efforts as the “slap of the century”.

At a meeting of Palestinian leaders, he stressed he would not accept any peace plan from the US after it recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

He also accused Israel itself of putting an end to the 1994 Oslo Accords, which began the peace process. […]

Speaking to Palestinian faction leaders in Ramallah on Sunday, he said: “The deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will not accept it.”

“I am saying that Oslo, there is no Oslo,” he added. “Israel ended Oslo.””

Under the sub-heading “Did he say anything new?” readers were also told that:

“On Sunday, Mr Abbas suggested Palestinians were being offered the village of Abu Dis, outside Jerusalem, as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

“What would you want, if Jerusalem were to be lost?” he asked rhetorically, according to the Jerusalem Post. “Would you want to make a state with Abu Dis as its capital?””

However, that 162 word portrayal of the speech made by Abbas – which went on for more than two hours – omits parts of its content.

Ha’aretz reported that Abbas personally attacked US officials, saying:

“U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman is a settler who is opposed to the term occupation. He is an offensive human being, and I will not agree to meet with him anywhere. They requested that I meet him and I refused, not in Jerusalem, not in Amman, not in Washington. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley too, she threatens to hit people who hurt Israel with the heel of her shoe, and we’ll respond in the same way.”

Abbas also promoted the following unoriginal smear:

“Israel has imported frightening amounts of drugs in order to destroy our younger generation.”

The Palestinian president expressed the intention to continue providing payments to convicted terrorists and their families.

“Prisoners and their family members are our sons, and we will continue to give them stipends.”

He also made false claims regarding Theodor Herzl:

“Abbas then turned to the United Kingdom, saying that “we continue to demand an apology from the British for the Balfour Declaration, and we will continue to demand their recognition of a Palestinian state.” He noted that “Herzl’s phrase ‘a land without a people for a people without a land’ was made up. He arrived here and saw a people, and for that reason, spoke of the need to get rid of the Palestinians.”” [emphasis added]

Abbas’ historical distortions continued:

“Abbas spoke for about two and half hours about how Jews were brought to Israel. He noted that England and the United States participated in the process of bringing Jews to Palestine after the Holocaust, seeking to solve the problem of having Jews without suffering the consequences.”

The New York Times adds:

“Testing his audience’s attention, Mr. Abbas also gave a lengthy history lecture reaching back to the 17th century, saying that Oliver Cromwell had first proposed shipping European Jews to the Holy Land, before tracing the beginning of Zionism to what he called the 19th-century journalist and activist Theodor Herzl’s efforts to “wipe out Palestinians from Palestine.”

This is a colonial enterprise that has nothing to do with Jewishness,” Mr. Abbas said. “The Jews were used as a tool under the concept of the promised land — call it whatever you want. Everything has been made up.”” [emphasis added]

There is of course nothing new about Abbas’ denial of Jewish history and his attempts to portray Israel as a European colonialist implant: such propaganda has been spread by the Palestinian Authority for years.

Unfortunately, there is also nothing novel about a BBC report on a speech made by the Palestinian president in which the parts of his remarks that do not fit the corporation’s chosen narrative are erased from audience view: only last month the BBC News website did the exact same when reporting on an address delivered by Abbas in Turkey.

Just as BBC audiences are never told about the ‘moderate’ Palestinian president’s personal role in the PA’s incitement to violence and glorification of terrorism or his refusal to recognise the Jewish state, they likewise do not hear anything about his longstanding denial of Jewish history and distortion of the origins of modern Israel.

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26 comments on “BBC censors parts of Mahmoud Abbas speech once again

  1. Palestinians don’t understand what is peace. They will never agree to peace. They teach their children that death is more then life. Their ultimate goal is to die for the course. They live a lie and die for a lie. They live to destroy Israel but in the end they will destroy themselves .

    The sad truth is that the Egyptian terrorist Arafat like his corrupt terrorist successor Abbas have never been interested in presiding over the 23rd Arab fascist state, so much as destroying the only Jewish one.
    Let them rot in their cesspool of hate, mediocrity and misogyny.

  2. The Palestinians have nothing to do with the name Palestine.
    The name Palestine is named after the Philistines, not the Palestinians or any Arab group.
    It was certainly not directed or bestowed to the Arabs in this area.

    The Philistines were from Crete in Europe and came to Israel 3000 years ago and were not Arabs or Muslims. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. (Philistines died out.)
    Philistine is the name the Romans renamed Israel as a chagrin against the Jews.

    Yassir Arafat was not a Philistine, but an ARAB born in Egypt. Philistine originates from the Hebrew verb Palash, which means to invade. So the Arabs who started to call themselves Palestinians in the late 60′s are invaders and they want to create an Invadia state.

    There was never in history any state called Palestine governed by Palestinians.
    Tell us when did it ever belong to Palestinians? Answer Never. It was never a Pal land to begin with, so Abbas’s question is invalid.The Palestinians never governed or controlled any land before 1993. To make it simple, please tell me one Palestinian President before 1948? Keep thinking.
    The Palestinians want a capitol, which they never had, in a country that never existed.

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  5. I have said it before and I will say it again “Hitler would he proud of today’s BBC” it sends out a relentless stream of distorted news

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  10. I got no reply from the BBC after I sent them this letter.
    15/01/2018 from: Nahum Nigel Froumin.

    To: BBC haveyoursay,
    How is it that there is so much diplomatic upset nowadays when Trump in the USA has recognized (West) Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital ?
    After all, Trump left it to the Israelis and Palestinians themselves to sort out an agreement for a final status and thus leaving it open if East Jerusalem will be the Capital of a future State of Palestine?

    And all this rage by the Arabs when RUSSIA has already recognized West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital about eight months ago in April 2017.

    So how is it that RUSSIA voted to condemn the USA together with nearly all the nations in the UN Security Council ? Diplomatic duplicity ?

    What is behind all the rage and violence ?
    Maybe it’s the usual exploitation of a news item to feed biased propaganda ?
    Or is it that all the Arabs can’t bear the thought that Israel as a State should exist at all – and that Israel’s current existence will always be a thorn in their side?
    Or is it that anything that happens to strengthen the Israeli position is seen as negative and contributes to prevent the whole Arab nation to fulfill it’s dream for a Jew-free empire?
    And is it that nearly all the European countries tow the Arab line just because they don’t want the Arabs to be cross with them?
    And is it that nearly all the European countries really do understand that it is very unwise to endanger the only democracy in the Levant but nevertheless find it more diplomatically convenient to let the USA take all the flak because they don’t want the Arabs to be angry, also really don’t want any more Arab/Muslim suicide bombers, and don’t want a cut off the crude oil supply – all of which would cause even more upset to their Warm-European-Armchair-Comfort-Zone?

    The English may still think that the world worth considering at all ends at Dover, but I, as an Israeli, see that the Arabs/Muslims have been killing each other for centuries, that Damascus is only 70 kilometers down the road from our border and so I cannot expect any co-operation (or compassion) from them toward myself and my countrymen when their geography schoolbooks have maps of all “Falastin” with no picture or mention of Israel. This is the way their children are taught to hate the Jews as invaders and occupiers. I cannot be optimistic when imprisoned or dead terrorist murderers are held up to the status of heroes and martyrs and are paid a stipend for killing Jews, when honest offers to set up a Palestinian State by Prime Ministers of Israel – Rabin, Barak and Olmert – were all met with refusal because Arafat and Abbas were embarrassed to lose face by “recognizing” Israel as the State of the Jews and so take the risk of being assassinated. Nowadays the dialogue has been taken over by extremists and replaced by fake news.

    Oh! And by the way:
    What kind of “brutal occupying power” would allow the Arabs to have such above mentioned geography schoolbooks?
    What kind of “brutal occupying power” would continuously provide electricity and food to Gaza and the West Bank?
    What kind of “brutal occupying power” would allow cement and building materials to be provided to Gaza – only to see them used by Hamas to construct underground attack tunnels against us (and then they show their propaganda to international journalists that the poor Gazans are oppressed and have no materials to build homes).
    I could go on with a very long list of such things which are completely ignored by the media thus leading to the people of the world being misled, and thus becoming fertile minds to be duped by biased propaganda – a result of biased reporting.

    Be sure. We are, and have always been wherever we live, surrounded by extreme verbal hostility and murderous violence. But we will never surrender. We will fight on land, at sea, in the air (and of course nowadays in the computer room) and we will never again be victims, refugees and slaves. We know that forever we will suffer the lies, the distortions of the truth, the violation of our dignity, the defaming of our character and the defiling, degrading and profaning of our integrity and moral uprightness.

    Why doesn’t the BBC inform its listeners WORLWIDE that RUSSIA has already recognized West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital about eight months ago in April 2017 in order to put all the headlines in proper perspective ? Or is biased reporting a BBC policy ?

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