Fifth Gaza rocket attack this month not newsworthy for the BBC

In the early hours of June 27th Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip once again launched rockets at Israeli civilians.

“Rocket sirens blared throughout the predawn hours of Wednesday morning in the Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip as Palestinians launched over a dozen rockets at southern Israel after the military struck a Hamas vehicle in the center of the coastal enclave.

The alarms rang out in towns and small communities throughout the Eshkol, Sha’ar Hanegev, Sdot Negev and Hof Ashkelon regions, several times from approximately 1:45 a.m. to 4 a.m., sending thousands of Israeli running into bomb shelters.

At least three rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. There were no reports of casualties or damage in Israel. In addition, no rocket impacts were reported inside Israeli communities.”

Twelve hours after the last incident took place, there is still no mention of the attacks whatsoever on the BBC News website. It is of course difficult to imagine that had British citizens been the target of over a dozen rocket attacks by terrorists – and especially if it were the fifth such incident in less than a month – the BBC News website would have failed to produce any reporting.

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5 comments on “Fifth Gaza rocket attack this month not newsworthy for the BBC

  1. Israel´s repeated bombing of Damascus international airport wasn’t BBC worthy either, was it?

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  3. Palestinians are not terrorists. They Are freedom Fighters against occupiers.

    BBC, London, 28 June 2018
    BBC – Cyprus before 1984 (Far Middle East, Near Middle East. Middle East, Greater Middle East, as you keep giving names to the same calling the same region? Why you are creating those names for the same region which it did not belong to any one in the world EXCET to One people the Arab Palestrina’s People “Moslems, Christians, and Jews but not Zionists” We lived for many years in PEACE, no occupations by others.
    Palestinians never was and never will be terrorist people.
    The British government since they occupied Palestine after the First World War including the 1916 Balfour declaration giving Palestine to the Zionist Jews and the 1917 Sykes – Picot agreement dividing the Arab World, You the British Government and the Zionist organization taught the Palestinians how to defend themselves and their country Palestine, but not to be terrorist.
    The British Soldiers and their friends the Zionists are the terrorists.
    The British Government never owned and part of land in Palestine, they occupied Palestine. Therefore they have no right to give Palestine to anyone.
    1) The British Government should give the Zionist part of England but not Palestine.
    Same thing for
    2) The USA Government Mr Trump Never and will never own part of Palestine and he cannot issue a declaration to give Jerusalem to the Zionist.
    He can give the Zionist gangs part of USA land.
    Most of other talks about the Palestine and the Palestinians problem with the Zionist are not saying the truth. Because they have the money, the media, and the power controlling may other officials and governments
    You the media people knows the truth, but because you are controlled by other group you have to lie, you should be honest and say the truth for justice.
    Go back to history and the British Government Documents and print the truth, no the lies
    I am not a writer, I am not a politician, but I am one of the 700 thousand Palestinian victims of the British Government and the Zionists organizations which took place from 1916 to 1948 and still going on this date and who knows when it is going to stop.
    I am a 1948 Palestinians refugees born in Palestine in 1939 before Israel created.


  4. Israel should demand that the BBC moves its Israel office to near the border with Gaza.
    The rockets may then even strike that office and would then be reported.

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