BBC News website reports fatal ‘gunshot’, fails to identify perpetrator

Late on the evening of July 20th the BBC News website published a report headlined “Israel carries out Gaza strikes as soldier dies from gunshot” on its main homepage and its ‘World’ and ‘Middle East’ pages.

Obviously the identity of the party that fired the “gunshot” is not clear from that headline and the article’s opening lines also did nothing to help readers understand who carried out the attack.

“Israel has attacked military targets in the Gaza Strip, after its soldiers came under gunfire at the border.

The Israeli military announced that one soldier had died from his wounds, the first in the most recent clashes.”

Other media outlets managed to report the same events with more clarity. Here, for example, is a headline from Ynet which uses fewer words to provide a more informative picture to readers.

In the past the BBC has produced similarly opaque headlines relating to vehicular attacks.

Significantly, at no point in the rest of the BBC’s report were audiences informed that Staff Sgt Aviv Levi was killed by a Palestinian sniper.

In contrast, statements concerning the deaths of Palestinians came after readers had been told that “Israel has attacked military targets in the Gaza Strip”.

“Gaza officials said four Palestinians were killed in the strikes, three of them members of militant group Hamas.”

The timeline of events began when the attack in which the IDF officer was shot took place at around 17:30 within the framework of what the BBC insists on inaccurately describing as “protests”. The IDF then struck eight military posts belonging to Hamas. At around 20:30 in the evening, Palestinian terrorists fired three rockets into Israeli territory, two of which were intercepted. Strikes were carried out on additional Hamas infrastructure, including three battalion headquarters.

The BBC’s portrayal of those events was as follows:

“The military said it had struck 15 Hamas military targets in the northern Gaza Strip and an additional 25 in Khan Yunis in the south, adding that the strikes were continuing.

The operation came during another Friday of protests by Palestinians at the border between Israel and Gaza. The Israeli army said three projectiles had been fired into Israel by Palestinian militants.” [emphasis added]

With no mention of the fact that an IDF officer had been wounded in a grenade attack the previous Friday, BBC audiences were told that:

“Israel last week carried out its biggest attack against Hamas targets in Gaza since the war in 2014, in response to more than 200 rockets and mortars fired into the country.”

Readers once again found the BBC’s now standard anodyne portrayal of the ‘Great Return March’ agitprop which continues to conceal from audiences the fact that the casualty figures quoted actually come from Hamas – which organised, facilitated and financed the publicity stunt – and that over 80% of those killed have been shown to have links to various terror factions.

“Palestinians have now been protesting at the border for 17 weeks. Gaza health officials say more than 130 Palestinians have been killed and 15,000 injured by Israeli forces during that time.

The death of a soldier on Friday is the first Israeli fatality in the exchanges.”

Despite the available evidence of Hamas’ encouragement of and involvement in the arson attacks and its organisation and facilitation of the ‘Great Return March’ violence, the BBC is still presenting those issues as Israeli ‘accusations’.

“Israel resumed air attacks on Gaza after last week’s projectile attacks, warning that it would take whatever action necessary to stop incendiary kites and balloons being flown over the border.

It accuses Hamas of controlling the makeshift devices, which have set fields in Israel ablaze, as well as orchestrating the protests at the border, which Israel regards as a threat to its border communities.”

The BBC has had over four months in which to provide its audiences with information on the background to the pre-planned violence it euphemistically describes as “Palestinians…protesting at the border” but clearly it has no intention of doing so.

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32 comments on “BBC News website reports fatal ‘gunshot’, fails to identify perpetrator

  1. Whitwashed reporting of the incident in the BBC’s usual fashion i.e. that of not identifying the fact that it was a Palestinian sniper who killed the soldier. No mention of the so called ‘government’ of Gaza, i.e. Hamas having pre arranged the 17 weeks of rioting and border attacks, instead consistently describing them as peacful protests. The BBC have no understanding of what balance is and unbiased reporting. Stop the BBC bias

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  3. IDF snipers murder Palestinians for demonstrating and that is okay.
    Palestinians snipers murder someone and that is bad .
    Strange morality.
    Most people would decry both incidents but not you. why?

    • Palestinians try to infiltrate Israel and get shot, but the BBC calls them “demonstrators” and that’s ok.
      The problem is that individuals like you look for moral equivalence just because it’s considered fashionable.

      • Excuse me in both cases people are murdered. The people murdered are not trying to kill other people.That is why in both cases it is murder.

        • BS, they were attempting to infiltrate the border fence of a nation state, launch fire balloons or fire kites, you may not understand the subtle difference but then that is your problem.

          • Your lack of any understanding of morality is very apparent.

            We are talking about murder.

            Your excuse is not just pathetic it is alarming..

            You kill people who are attempting to kill you or others and these incidents it was not occurring.

        • If Israeli troops shoot at people trying to breach the fence, then it is not murder. It is protecting Israeli citizens. Protecting one’s own citizens is the first priority of any country. However, individuals like you seek to deny that to the only Jewish state in the world. Usually that’s because individuals like you can’t tolerate Jews defending themselves.

  4. Again you just do not know what you are talking about, there is nothing wrong with my morality only yours is twisted, added to which your ignorance is there for all to read, you are attempting to draw moral equivalences between being killed in a defensive role and being killed in an offensive role. The IDF are not interested in taking Gaza, but Hamas are interested in taking Israel and it is the IDF’s function to defend that border

    • Hamas cannot take Israel in a pink fit. They cannot even take out Israeli helicopters although the Taliban in Afghanistan can do it anytime.

      I repeat the people murdered by snipers were not threatening to kill anyone. as if they could given the wall in front of them. If they got through they would have needed to be very well armed. They were not.

      The only thing offensive is your distinct lack of any moral understanding.

    • if you and others are going to comment then learn english. NO infiltration has ever occurred during a demonstration.
      Infiltration is done by surreptitious means. This can never occur in a public demonstration.
      IF their aim is to kill Israelis then any said potential; murderers would have to be heavily armed. Were any? No!
      YOUR Minister has publicly said he hoped people did breach the wall so the IDF could mow them down WW1 style.

      you are a wood-duck that jumps at shadows.

      • You’re a moron. No infiltration has occurred because Israeli forces have prevented from happening. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that Hamas has encouraged civilians to try to breach the fence with full knowledge that they would be killed. Why? Because idiots like you will demonize Israel, you stupid tool.

        • who is the moron?.You still have no understanding what infiltration means.

          Breaching the fence is not infiltration by the way it is very public.

          A person intent on murder would not do it after breaching a fence armed only with a knife and/or pistol. They would be easily killed by settlers armed with mere semi-automatic rifles let alone the IDF with vastly better and more deadly weapons..
          Knife infada only works IF the people do not know what is about to occur. a lot of it involves lone wolves.
          To conflate that with a possible breaching of the fence shows a complete lack of knowledge!
          Do you even think before writing.

          • Yes, YOU are the moron. Breaching the fence to enter Israel is infiltration. And you are obviously ignorant of history. So, they wouldn’t try to murder armed with pistols or knives? Oh, so then all those suicide bombers had expected to survive their attacks? And yes, sometimes people get caught unawares. That is what led to Gilad Shalit being kidnapped. Try to learn something you stupid ignoramus.

          • Genius, go to a simple dictionary and read the definition on infiltration. It is not possible to do in public!!

            Pray tell us how anyone would be caught unawares by a breaching of a wall during a public demonstration and then by people armed with Knives and/or pistols
            Always remembering the IDF was well prepared for such an event if it occurred if we are to believe your Minister!
            .As I said please think things through before writing.

          • First of all moron, that isn’t a wall around Gaza. It’s a fence. Learn your facts before you start carping your stupid b.s. And there have been incidents of Palestinians sneaking into Israel through tunnels. Just imagine (it does take a brain, of course), if they did succeed in breaching the fence and then more than a few got into Israel. You don’t think that some of them would be able to elude capture? Of course not, I assume too much ascribing the ability to think to you. And if they are killed? So much better for Hamas, they have idiots like you to write about how horrible is.

          • read if you can the definition of a wall!! your understanding of English is pretty poor for a genius!
            Also tunnels are neither walls nor fences. Tunnels are not breached. Perhaps you should look up that definition as well.

            Elude capture??? do you not read what you Minister said. They has machine guns ready if they had. You do understand what machine guns do.
            Obviously you do not understand this otherwise you would not have written such drivel.

            Think before writing.

          • Moron! A wall is solid and more difficult to breach than a fence. The point of the tunnel is that they have been used to infiltrate Israel and kill. Stop to think, despite the obvious difficulty. If they do succeed in breaching the fence, then more than a few of them will be able to enter. If they do get mowed down by machine gun fire, then they have their martyrdom and idiots like you can say how horrible Israel is. You don’t even try to dispute that because you can’t.

            Maybe try this. Being anti-Israel may not always be so fashionable, so you’ll have to look for something else. It’s unlikely that the 14 million Jews in the world will disappear before you do.

          • please do everyone a favour. Think before you write.
            Only a minority of mu slims believe they will be in paradise if they die in a jihad otherwise they would be flooding across the border!
            no-one but no-one has alleged people were in tunnels near the wall/fence ( Hadrian’s wall is not for example!!)
            Where have I said Israel is horrible? I see you can lie with the best of them.

            Why would I want Jews disappear? I see when you are cornered you simply make things up.

          • Oh, so because most Muslims aren’t interested in martyrdom, none of them could be at the Gaza fence. That, despite decades of them attempting suicide attacks and being taught from birth to kill Jews and seek martyrdom. This is what makes you an ignorant imbecile.
            You must also have trouble reading. I stated clearly that the tunnels have been utilized for surprise attacks. It is entirely plausible that if they breach the fence, very many of them will succeed in infiltrating Israeli territory, and then some will be able to elude capture or being shot. They then can try to kill others. Not that it would matter to you.
            It is due to individuals like you that we have this problem. Hamas and other terrorist groups know that if any Arabs die from Israeli fire, individuals like you will blame Israel. That is why they continue this practice and it what makes individuals like you responsible for death on both sides.
            It’s also very clear that you are just one of the typical ignoramuses that looks to blame Israel because demonizing the only Jewish state in the world is considered fashionable.

          • unlike you I can call murder for what it is. you can only kill someone if you believe they are attempting top kill you or someone else in other words self defence.

            I f you kill anyone in any other methods that is murder in doesn;t matter if it is Hamas or the IDF! It does to you.\
            Oh dear I did say Hamas murdered an IDF soldier. whoops that is not part of your lies.
            Unlike you I can see murder from both sides.
            It is very simple sunshine if someone kills a person and they are not attempting to kill some-one it is murder, It matters not whether it is Hams or the IDF.

            B y the way it seems you are very het up about terrorists. Thus you obviously must be bey apologetic about the Jewish terrorist groups whop put Hamas in the shade considering who they massacred when consolidating the Israeli State.

          • Wrong. It is a soldier’s duty to defend his country. It is not murder when the other side is making blatant attempts to carry out murder, acts in which they have succeeded in the past. If those soldiers wouldn’t act and the terrorists do infiltrate, they would try to murder and they may succeed. Ho hum, that’s too bad, right?

            Individuals like you seek moral equivalency between the two sides because you can’t stand Jews defending themselves. We’re supposed to be the docile sheep being led to slaughter and now that we act to defend ourselves, you call it murder. If Hamas pushes people right into the cannon fodder it’s murder on the Israeli side. You try to pass yourself off as “moral,” but its very clear that you look for moral equivalency on both sides because it’s fashionable. That is amoral.

            And by the way, the Palmach attacked military targets, none of the rocketry into British schools like Hamas does. And unlike Hamas, it issued warnings when it was going to attack those targets and never set off secondary bombs to kill rescue workers. Still morally equivalent? There is no doubt that you would look for some angle, however specious, to make sound so.

          • no-one at the demonstrations were attempting to kill anyone. Not even Mr Sela is alleging that so mark that off.
            Jewish terrorist groups massacred Palestinians in their villages which is why they fled.. you cannot even get that right.

            Murder is murder. It matters not who does it. Jew, Palestinian or anyone else.

            If u you possessed a moral code you would recognise that,

          • Oh really how sad you have such a myopic view of the realities of this pre determined pre planned pre paid (by Iran) march of return in order to hide the infiltrations into Israel, you really think they were peaceful and just having a Sunday picnic? All those tyres burnt all that smoke all those projectiles, peacful? what an idiot. FYI they did breach the fence and soldiers did what was expected of them and shot the infiltrators because that is what they are there for. That is not murder it is self defense, the defense of a nation state. This is what an infiltration into Israel looks like, that happened 8 weeks ago, but then even seeing it with your own eyes your bigotted anti-Israel opinion will still blind you to the truth–kBTY
            Note they were brandishing knives and meat cleavers note their quotations from the Quran, vowing to kill Jews It is also sad that with all your superior intelligence once again your pedants hat is obscuring your vision so much that you are unable to or incapable of distinguishing a female writer, but then of course to the likes of you a female is neither capable nor worthy of the written word, when in fact Hadar is one of the best in the business

          • Evidence? What do you think the purpose those incendiary kites and balloons are? And if they do breach the fence and are able to enter, what then? Your stupidity is beyond belief. And you are also ignorant of the fact that Arab armies told Arabs in Israel to get out of their way.

            Self-defense and protecting one’s country are not murder. Your desire to be fashionable causes you to amorally overlook that. You don’t have a moral code. Just a sense of fashion.

      • And by the way, one does not have to be heavily armed to commit murder. Palestinians have proven that with their “Knife Intifada,” not that you give a damn.

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