Gaza missile attacks get 44 words on the BBC News website

Some nineteen hours after terror factions in the Gaza Strip had begun launching a barrage of mortars and rockets at Israeli civilians living in nearby communities in the early hours of July 14th, visitors to the BBC News website were informed that: “Israel deals hardest blow to Hamas”.

Version 6

That report – headlined “Israel deals ‘hardest blow’ to Hamas since 2014 Gaza war” – appeared on the website’s main homepage as well as its ‘World’ and ‘Middle East’ pages and it was amended several times throughout the night with the later version opening:

“Israel has carried out its biggest attack against Hamas militant targets in Gaza since the war in 2014, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says.

The raids were a response to rockets fired into Israel, he said. Hamas said a truce had been agreed, but there have been reports of further exchanges.”

BBC audiences were not informed that events spiraled following violent incidents on July 13th during what the report later describes as “mass demonstrations along the border”. The report’s only reference to those incidents is as follows:

“Hamas said another Palestinian had died after being shot by Israeli troops during border protests on Friday.”

The BBC’s report fails to clarify that the youth concerned had been trying to climb the border fence at the time, that another infiltration attempt had taken place or that an IDF officer was wounded in a grenade attack.

Following that violence, a number of Hamas military installations were targeted by Israeli forces, including two attack tunnels which were not mentioned at all in the BBC’s report. At around 01:30 on July 14th terror factions in the Gaza Strip began launching mortars and rockets at Israeli communities and by 6 a.m. at least 31 attacks had been recorded.

The missile attacks continued later in the day, as did the retaliatory strikes on Hamas military installations which were described in the BBC’s report as follows:

“Palestinian health officials said two people were killed and 12 injured in an air strike in Gaza City on Saturday. […]

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it had struck facilities used by Hamas, which dominates Gaza, including a battalion headquarters in Beit Lahia, a training camp located in a high-rise building in the al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, weapons storage facilities and rocket launchers. […]

Witnesses told Reuters news agency an Israeli strike had hit an empty building in Gaza City and that the casualties were passers-by.”

BBC audiences were not told that the “high-rise building in the al-Shati refugee camp” – intended to be a library – was used by Hamas as an urban warfare training facility and that a tunnel dug under the building connects to Hamas’ tunnel network.

By 16:30 over a hundred missile attacks had taken place. A children’s playground and several buildings were damaged including a synagogue and a house in Sderot where four members of the family were injured by shrapnel. By late evening the number of missile attacks had risen to over 174 and attacks continued during the night.

The BBC’s report devotes the grand total of 44 words to that side of the story. Although the article was amended five times in the eleven hours following its publication, no effort was made to update the number of missiles fired.

“Three Israelis were hurt by one of more than 90 rockets fired on Israel. […]

The IDF said dozens of rockets had been fired on Israel from within Gaza.

One rocket hit a home in the town of Sderot. Three people suffered shrapnel wounds.”

Only in the ninth version of the report – which appeared around midday local time the next day and some sixteen hours after its initial publication – was an amendment added to reflect the actual number of missiles fired.

“More than 200 projectiles – including rockets and mortars – had been fired into Israel since Friday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said.”

As has been BBC practice since the end of March, readers were provided with casualty figures sourced from Hamas but were not told of that fact or of the terror group’s involvement in organising, facilitating and financing the violent rioting, terror attacks and infiltration attempts that have taken place during the ‘Great Return March’. As usual readers were also not informed that over 80% of those killed have been linked to various Gaza Strip based terror factions.

“The attacks come amid an escalation of violence in the region in recent months.

They coincided with mass demonstrations along the border which saw thousands of Palestinians express their support for the declared right of Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral homes in what is now Israel – as well as demanding an end to the blockade of Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt.

Israel and Egypt say the blockade is a necessary security measure against militants.

Gaza health officials say more than 130 Palestinians were killed and 15,000 others injured by Israeli forces during the protests.

Hamas does not recognise Israel’s right to exist but last year said it was ready to accept an interim Palestinian state limited to Gaza and the West Bank.”

As we see, just as the BBC’s one-sided headline focused audience attentions on Israeli actions, so did the report itself. Remarkably, the BBC News website could not even be bothered to update readers of the first eight versions of the report regarding the correct number of attacks launched against the thousands of Israeli civilians who were forced to spend their weekend in safe rooms and air-raid shelters and the events which triggered the escalation were concealed from audience view.

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15 comments on “Gaza missile attacks get 44 words on the BBC News website

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  2. Rockets and mortar attacks are not missile attacks. Even the PM knows that. If they were missile attacks then a hellva lot of Israelis would be dead and Israel would be well justified in invading Gaza.
    Lastly you do not kill anyone because they are a member of an organisation you dislike. That is called murder in any country.
    you can only kill someone if they are going to attempt to kill some-one else.
    you are of course implying the snipers knew very well who they killed when they had them in their sights.

    • Your narrative need a brush and dust up as well, it is very repetitive, rockets and mortars have the potential to kill just like any other missile. The fact that they are unguided DOES NOT JUSTIFY THEIR LAUNCH AGAINST UNARMED CIVILIANS. Your own moral compass has completely failed, but then that is probably owing to your indoctrination. If people are stupid enough to attack a protected border fence then they obviously either have not the intelligence to comprehend they may be killed or they just do not care. The way UNWRA has indoctrinated from birth thousands of 3rd and 4th generation Palestinians, convincing them to become martyrs, to hate Israelis and to kill them to regain control of their mythical Palestine, I am surprised so many had the common sense not to try.

      • This further shows you need comprehension lessons. At no time did I say the attacks were justified .
        If the Israeli PM knows they are not missile attacks surely others do. Mr Sela and you do everybody a disservice v by insisting they are missile attacks when clearly they are not.
        I repeat if people are not attempting to kill anyone then if they are killed then it is murder. It matters not whether they are Hamas or Israeli.

          • wow you like to allege I say things that I do not say.
            comprehension problems and alleging things I did not say.

          • Your pedants hat concerning the definition of missiles, rockets and mortars is obscuring your vision on just who is attacking in the first place and (despite what the BBC infer from their inverted reports) that is not Israel, who retaliate when it proves necessary and more often than not turn the other cheek. There is nothing wrong with my comprehension at all indeed, having had feet on the ground in June during one of those rocket attacks, I have to say far from it, where is your ‘expert’ knowledge gleaned from then.

          • Calling rockets or mortars missiles is simply a propagandist lie.
            Hamas are only given rockets because Iran knows if they had missiles Israel would up the ante bigtime as they would have every right to.
            This way Hamas can pretend they can harm Israel and Israel can pretend that too.

            Sending over 200 rockets wherever ( as they have no idea where they will end up)and not one person dead is pretty poor if the main aim of the rockets is to kill Israelis.

            It is all propaganda.

            The sad truth is neither side wants peace.

          • I’m sure you believe that and it is sad.

            If so you are condemned to live as you are for most of your life.

  3. This deliberate non-action by the BBC to report this violent attack on Israel must be a legal failure of their of their professional responsibility to report factual news.
    Surely Lawyers for Israel can take this on board?


    The BBC’s Worldwide weekly audience has seen a 7% increase y-o-y to 372 million.

    That’s 372 million people every week, tuning in to inaccurate and heavily biased ‘reporting’ from teams of presenters and ‘journalists’ who rehash Reuters/PLO press releases. (Listen to what they say and how they say it, and you will hear Iqbal, Bowen, Hussain, Knell, Mardell, Bateman, Sackur, Kearney and co. barely able to contain their scorn for Israelis and the sovereign state of Israel. Who knows what BBC Arabic and BBC Pashto may be putting out…Gd help us.)

    As such, the BBC represents a serious threat to Jews worldwide re. incitement to “anti-Zionist” aka “anti-Semitic” hatred and violence.

    Persecution and hatred of “Yehuda” is not confined to the Middle East. As we saw at the recent Hizbollah/Iran-funded Al Quds march through London, Jew-hatred is a problem in the UK, as well as across Europe, Eastern Europe, US, Canada, Australia, etc.

    The BBC is in breach of its own guidelines (“impartial, accurate, unbiased”), in breach of the Royal Charter, and in breach of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, which has been adopted by the UK Government.

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