BBC bias on terrorism highlighted again in reports from Spain

As was the case when vehicular terror attacks took place in Stockholm, Nice, Berlin and London, despite its supposed policy of avoiding the word ‘terrorist’ without attribution in order to avoid “value judgements”, the BBC made appropriate use of that and related terminology when reporting on the terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils on August 17th and 18th.

As readers are no doubt aware, attacks on Israelis using the same or other methods are never described by the BBC as terror in its own words. The reason for that glaring double standard lies in the BBC’s failure to distinguish between method and aims, with the result being that when somebody deliberately drives a vehicle into a group of people, the corporation’s description of the attack as terror – or not – depends on the perceived aims and affiliations of the perpetrator.

Earlier this year the BBC came up with a new ‘explanation’ for the egregious double standard repeatedly seen in its reporting of terror in Israel and elsewhere – particularly Europe.

“Where there is an ongoing geopolitical conflict – as in the Middle East – to use the term “terror attack” or similar might be seen to be taking sides. There are those who might consider the actions of the Israeli government to be considered as terrorist acts.

In a situation where a country that is not involved in a direct physical combat comes under attack, it may be reasonable to construe that as a terrorist incident.

The use of such terminology is never an exact science but where a continuing conflict exists, it is reasonable that the BBC would not wish to appear to be taking sides.”

As was noted here at the time:

“The bottom falls out of that argument when we recall that the BBC did use the term ‘Jewish terrorists’ to describe the perpetrator/s of the arson attack in Duma, despite the existence of an “ongoing geopolitical conflict”.

The corporation’s complaints department also appears to have tried to find a way of dismissing the fact that UK forces are involved in the military campaign against jihadists in Iraq and Syria by means of use of the term “direct physical combat”. Notably, the BBC is apparently not inclined to promote the notion that those actions of a state fighting terrorism might be “considered as terrorist acts”.”

Like the UK, Spain is also a member of the international coalition “united in defeating Daesh” and the word terrorist has also been seen in a BBC report concerning another country involved in “direct physical combat” with ISIS.

The fact that the BBC does manage to report terror attacks in other parts of the world using appropriate language means that its long-standing editorial policy of eschewing accurate terminology in coverage of Palestinian attacks on Israelis becomes even more glaring and the redundancy of its inconsistently applied guidelines and guidance is highlighted all the more. Absurdly, the BBC will no doubt still claim that it produces ‘impartial’ and ‘unbiased’ reporting from Israel.

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11 comments on “BBC bias on terrorism highlighted again in reports from Spain

  1. I don’t know about Sky News as I never watch it but ITV is just as bad, after all half its correspondents have come from the BBC! Chris Ship is particularly offensive when reporting the Middle East.

  2. You will also start to notice an increase in the use of the word ‘fascist’ to describe Islamic terror in Europe. The reasons for this are obvious, as Plaid Cyrmu’s Leanne Wood so obligingly made clear. Elide any on the political right with fascism, as is so often done anyway by those on the political left, with the ‘new fascism’ of Islam et voila – Islamic terrorism, even when self-proclaimed as precisely that, an attack by the followers of Islam, is defined by the political left as having nothing to do with Islam at all but everything to do with nasty (usually, but not always – think Asian conservatives) white people on the political right. So the double speak and outright falsification by those like the BBC, who are ironically mightily put out by ‘post truth’, will accelerate to the point where European terror attacks go the way of Israeli terror attacks – they’re either our fault because of Iraq and Afghanistan and thus the weak and oppressed hitting back at the strong and exploitative, or they’re fascist attacks, which are purely political and nothing to do with culture, religion or racism. In short, Israel and Europe deserve what they get, until they get rid of anything right of left.

    Welcome to the new and exciting Europe, changing before your very eyes except the only ‘facts’ you are allowed to believe in emanate from ‘progressives’.

    • “will accelerate to the point where European terror attacks go the way of Israeli terror attacks – they’re either our fault because of Iraq and Afghanistan and thus the weak and oppressed hitting back at the strong and exploitative” –
      – been the case for years.

  3. It must depend on wh decides whether there is an ongoing “geographical conflict.” For years, the jihadists have spoken of al-Andalus – what infidels persist in calling Spain – is occupied Muslim land that needs to be liberated and returned to its rightful owners. The nakba of 1492 must be reversed and the settler-colonialist Catholics sent back to wherever it is they may have come from.
    If the equivalently bogus narrative “works” for the homeland of the Jewish people why not for the Iberian people? I guess the BBC simply rejects outright the jihadists’ claims when it comes to Europe no as opposed to Israel. That’s very brave of them, because it seems most Europeans live in fear of hurting Muslim feelings of superiority.
    Lets hope that by the time Europe recognizes that Israel’s fight is part of its own fight, it is not too late to avoid catastrophe.

  4. the corporation’s description of the attack as terror – or not – depends on Der BBC’s antisemitism.

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