The BBC’s ‘Great Return March’ great disappearing act

Over the past few weeks we have documented some of the BBC’s coverage of the ‘Great Return March’ events that began at the end of March. Between March 30th and early May, BBC reporting was sporadic but as the anticipated May 14th climax approached – and with it the chance to promote the notion of linkage between the pre-planned events along the Gaza Strip-Israel border and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem – the pace of coverage increased, as the examples below demonstrate.

Tuesday, May 8th:

BBC Radio 4, ‘Today’, (from 02:18:25 here) interview by Mishal Husain with the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev.

Husain: “Why are your soldiers using live ammunition to shoot people on the other side of the fence? [….] The Israeli rights group Adalah […] says that […] there’s been systematic use of live fire with no justification.”

Wednesday, May 9th:

BBC World Service, ‘Newshour’ with James Coomarasamy (from 0:14:00 to 0:20:30 here) discussed here

Friday, May 11th:

BBC Radio 4, ‘Today’: live broadcast from Jerusalem with Martha Kearney (from 08:09 here)

Sunday, May 13th:

BBC Radio 4, ‘Sunday’: broadcast from Jerusalem with Edward Stourton (from 00:13 here)

BBC World Service, ‘Weekend’ with Julian Worricker (from 04:40 here) discussed here

BBC World Service, ‘Newshour’ with James Coomarasamy (from 00:53 here)

Monday, May 14th:

BBC World Service, ‘Newsday’: live broadcast from Jerusalem (here)

BBC News website: “Gaza clashes: 52 Palestinians killed on deadliest day since 2014” – discussed here

BBC News website: “As it happened: Gaza protest violence” 

BBC Radio 4, ‘Today’: with Justin Webb and John Humphrys (from 0:34:00 to 0:38:15, from 1:48:30 to 1:57:30 and from 2:43:30 to 2:48:30 here)

BBC Radio 4, ‘World at One’ with Sarah Montague (from 0:01:00 to 0:02:30 and from 0:07:00 to 0:17:35 here)

BBC World Service, ‘Newshour’ with Razia Iqbal (from 0:00:00 to 0:13:00, from 0:14:00 to 0:20:45, and from 0:30:00 to 0:49:30 here) – discussed here, here, here and here

BBC World Service, ‘Newshour’ with Julian Marshall (from 00:11 to 0:23:00 and from 0:26:30 to 0:42:45 here)

Marshall: “At 4pm local time the United States officially moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. As the ceremony took place, more than 50 Palestinians protesting in Gaza were killed by Israeli forces.”

BBC World News, ‘Beyond 100 Days’ with Katty Kay and Christian Fraser (from 0:01:28 to 0:13:15 and from 0:31:00 to 0:41:30 here)

BBC Two, ‘Newsnight’ with Mark Urban (from 0:01:30 to 0:11:00 here)

Tuesday, May 15th:

BBC News website “Gaza’s deadliest day of violence in years“.

“Dozens of Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded by Israeli troops, Palestinian officials say, on the deadliest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war.

The violence came as the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem, a move that has infuriated Palestinians.”

BBC News website: “‘Hear our message’: Gaza border violence in pictures” – discussed here

BBC News website: “What’s at the root of the protests in Gaza?” by Jeremy Bowen – discussed here

BBC News website: “Gaza begins to bury its dead after deadliest day in years

BBC News website: “Gaza violence: Israelis and Palestinians in fierce exchanges at UN

BBC News website: “May urges ‘greater restraint’ by Israel after Gaza violence

BBC Radio 4, ‘Today’, presented by Martha Kearney and Nick Robinson (from 0:07:45 to 0:08:30, from 0:10:15 to 0:13:00, from 0:48:15 to 0:54:15, from 1:09:00 to 1:13:30, from 2:10:00 to 2:21:30, and from 2:38:15 to 2:42:15 here)

“Palestinian officials say nearly 60 people died in Gaza yesterday, when Israeli forces opened fire as America opened its new embassy in Jerusalem.”

BBC Radio 4, ‘World at One’, with Sarah Montague (from 0:01:10 to 0:02:20 and from 0:07:00 to 0:17:30 here)

“Funerals have been taking place for many of the Palestinians killed during protests along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel yesterday. The United Nations Human Rights office has condemned what it called the appalling deadly violence by Israeli forces who killed nearly 60 people.”

BBC World Service, ‘Newshour’ with Razia Iqbal (from 0:00:00 to 0:12:45 and from 0:30:00 to 0:42:45 here)

“As the funerals are held in Gaza of the 58 people killed on Monday by Israeli security forces, Hamas and the Israeli government blame each other for the violence – while both insist they want peace.”

BBC World Service, ‘Newshour’ with Julian Marshall (from 0:00:40 to 0:14:00, from 0:30:00 to 0:43:00 and from 0:45:00 to 0:50:10 here)

BBC World Service, BBC OS, “What’s it like living in Gaza?

BBC Radio 4, ‘PM’ with Eddie Mair (from 0:01:00 to 0:02:15 and from 0:05:30 to 0:17:30 here)

BBC Radio 4, ‘The World Tonight’ with Ritula Shah (from 0:00:00 to 0:02:30 and from 0:07:45 to 0:23:45 here)

BBC World News and BBC 4, ‘Beyond 100 Days’ with Katty Kay and Christian Fraser (from 0:01:00 to 0:13:20 here)

Wednesday, May 16th:

BBC Radio 4, ‘Today’, presented by Martha Kearney and Nick Robinson (from 1:12:00 to 1:15:45 and from 2:43:00 to 2:44:45 here).

“The Arab League will hold emergency talks today, with some members calling for Israel to be taken to the International Criminal Court, for the massacre of 59 Palestinians at the border with Gaza on a single day.” [emphasis added]

BBC Radio 4, ‘World at One’ with Sarah Montague (from 0:25:00 to 0:31:45 here) – discussed here

BBC News website, BBC One ‘News at 10’, BBC News Channel, “Gaza: The bullets stop, the burials go on” by Jeremy Bowen – discussed here.

BBC News website: “Gaza: The history behind the anger” by Paul Adams


On the day of the violent events that prompted so much BBC coverage – May 14th – the Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced that three of those killed belonged to its terror organisation. The following afternoon – May 15thHamas put out a ‘martyrdom poster’ for ten members of its internal security apparatus also killed in the May 14th incidents.

On the afternoon of May 16th reports emerged concerning an interview given by Hamas’ Salah Bardawil to a local TV channel.

“A Hamas official on Wednesday acknowledged that 50 of the 62 Palestinians reported killed during Gaza border riots on Monday and Tuesday were members of the Islamist terrorist group, bringing the total number of known members of terror groups among the fatalities up to 53.

“In the last rounds of confrontations, if 62 people were martyred, Fifty of the martyrs were Hamas and 12 from the people. How can Hamas reap the fruits if it pays such an expensive price?” said Hamas official Salah Bardawil in an interview with the Palestinian Baladna news outlet.

Questioned about the figures by the presenter, Bardawil said they were “official.”

“I am giving you an official figure. 50 of the martyrs in the recent battle were from Hamas,” he said.”

Also on May 16th, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar gave an interview to Al Jazeera in which he admitted that “many” of those involved in the May 14th incidents “took off their military uniforms” and went on to say:

“When we decided to embark on these marches, we decided to turn that which is most dear to us – the bodies of our women and children – into a dam blocking the collapse in Arab reality, a dam to prevent the racing of many Arabs towards the normalization of ties with the plundering entity, which occupies our Jerusalem, plunders our land, defiles our holy places, and oppresses our people day and night.”

In other words, by late afternoon on May 16th it was known that fifty-three of the 62 people reported killed on May 14th had been claimed by the terror organisations Hamas and Islamic Jihad. One would of course have expected the BBC to have given that information equal prominence to its repeated claims of a “massacre” and “slaughter” of “Palestinian protesters”.

However, at that point the BBC did a disappearing act.

On May 16th the BBC News website published an article titled “Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?” which makes no mention of the fact that the vast majority of those killed were members of terror groups [ see ‘updates’ below] and BBC World Service and domestic radio programmes dropped all coverage of the story.

So perhaps the BBC was not aware of the fact that over 85% of those killed had been claimed by terrorist organisations? In an edition of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘Newshour’ aired on May 18th – presented by Jon Donnison (from 17:14 here) – we discover that the corporation was perfectly aware of Bardawil’s statement.

Donnison: “Now the UN’s Human Rights Council has voted for an independent investigation into the killing of dozens of Palestinian protesters by the Israeli forces in Gaza this week. Health officials in Gaza say 60 people were killed by Israeli forces on Monday and a further 2,700 Palestinians injured, many of them with live fire. A Hamas official has said 50 of those killed were from the Islamist group which is in power in the territory. Israel has insisted that its response to the protests was proportionate but that is not the view of the UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who said Israel’s actions were wholly disproportionate. He called for an end to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.” [emphasis added]

Nevertheless, on May 22nd the BBC News website published an article titled “Palestinians demand full ICC investigation into ‘Israeli war crimes’” in which it failed to state that the majority of those killed on May 14th had been claimed by terror groups while continuing to promote the notion that they can be described as “unarmed civilians”.

“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of carrying out “massacres” of unarmed civilians. But Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted its troops acted in self-defence and blamed the militant group Hamas, which orchestrated the protests, for the deaths.” [emphasis added]

The public purposes laid down in the BBC’s charter oblige it to provide its audiences with “accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programming of the highest editorial standards”. In order to meet that obligation the BBC would have had to inform audiences of the fact that Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad had claimed a very high proportion of those the BBC spent days describing as “protesters” on multiple channels and platforms.

Significantly, it failed to do so.


A reference to Bardawil’s statement appeared at the end of an article published on the BBC News website on May 18. A qualified reference to the statement was added to the article titled “Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?” the day after its initial publication. 





47 comments on “The BBC’s ‘Great Return March’ great disappearing act

  1. Quite clearly you have NO moral compass. It matters not one iota if a person is a member of any organisation if he is killed.
    What matters is whether that person was in a position to kill another person. NO evidence has been produced that has been the case. One can only assume the 100 snipers were put there to kill said persons.
    That would be the Israeli Government sharing the same moral scruples as Hamas.

    At least Hamas has the excuse of having satanic verses as their religious instruction. the Jews do not have that.

    One can only conclude you must be and that of the government you parrot so often and so inaccurately are secular.

    • The 50 Hamas members, 3 Islamic Jihad members, and 9 “civilians” killed at the Gaza border were not unarmed. They were armed with Kalashnikovs, IEDs, Molotov cocktails, meat cleavers, knives, etc. and were directly involved in attacking the border fence and the Israeli soldiers defending it. Hamas admitted it and even the AP, Reuters, and AFP, which can’t be called pro-Zionist by any stretch of the imagination reported those facts. That you prefer attacking the “moral compass” of the blog writer rather than that of the BBC which failed its audience by suppressing that information is quite telling. Then again, France Info has also passed champion at suppressing any information which could possibly reveal to their audience that Israel might not be evil and Hamas might not be saintly.

  2. Oh I see nottrampis has returned, quite clearly you are blind to the truth, the people who were shot were not marching up and down with banners they were either laying IEDs, throwing firebombs or freely running around inside Israel having breached the electrified border fence carrying knives and small arms and wandering around with maps and instructions on where to find and kill Israelis, so where is your moral compass now? obviously in a very dark place. Any breach of a sovereign territory’s border of any country in the world would be treated in the same manner so why single out Israel, because your hatred of Israel is stronger than your quest for the truth

    • I see Mr Chamberlain you still have comprehension lessons. No Palestinian was in a position to kill an Israeli. If this was the case our esteemed if inaccurate writer would have said it in spades. He hasn’t. Indeed he has parroted the government line that most of the people that were killed were operatives NOT that they were attempting to kill Israelis.

      Conflating hate with criticism again shows your lack of comprehension.

      • As I sit here in Southern Israel following the latest barrage of rockets into Southern Israel launched from the very same Gaza as the terrorists who were shot dead, you continue to expect me to believe that you are correct and I need comprehension lessons, no nottrampis it is you who needs to invigorate their brain cells and accept the truth that Hamas are still intent on the destruction of Jews and Israel and will continue their attacks until they can sing and dance in the streets after having successfully achieved their goal

      • “No Palestinian was in a position to kill Israelis”. No, because those attempting to damage the fence and cross into Israel, armed with weapons of varying types, from firearms to meat cleavers, machetes to explosives, were shot before they could carry out their aims.

        For you, the people being targeted, I.e. Israeli civilians, appear to be merely cyphers – not real people, but just images in a game that are disposable, while the real people are Gazans attempting to destroy the former. You are not the first to consider Jews as being less than human.

  3. Curious that Jon Donnison is back reporting on Gaza. His subjective, occasionally hysterical accusations against Israel when he was last ‘reporting’ from Gaza, had, I thought , ensured he was no longer used by the BBC for Gaza coverage. Seems I was wrong and the corporation are back to using the man who in 2014, virtually became the angry, British, journalistic spokesman for Hamas. Having become very firmly embedded with his Gazan fixer, so that when this mans house was destroyed during the conflict and his son killed, Donnison launches into an emotional tirade against Israel. When subsequently it became clear that the projectile that destroyed the house (and killed the child), was a Hamas missile that fell short (of its target in Israel), I don’t remember Donnison issuing a retraction, explaining how he got it wrong. Funny that.

    • so the assertions here are coming think and fast but alas no evidence otherwise the writer would have tried to say so.
      the Israeli Government would have paraded such evidence in from of the international media.

      Oh and let us not forget I have claimed to say the jews are less than human. When did I say that. Well I NEVER actually said that. Never mind anything you wish to make up at all?

      Mr Chamberlain gives it away. The terrorists were shot dead however the only problem was they were not involved in terrorist action.

      Let me say again I have no problem in killing people who are attempting to kill other people. This did not occur here. It was merely payback as we learn from Mr Chamberlain.

      If only he wasn’t secular and read his hebrew bible he would find that a wicked concept.

      and please Hamas cannot destroy Israel anymore than any organisation or country can. They simply do not have the means.

      • Ah we must all follow the tractates according to the great mighty and know all nottrampis, yeah right buddy in your dreams

          • One wonders why you persist in making an entirely specious argument, relying on ‘lack of evidence’, as if Hamas have not over the years, showed itself as more than proficient in carrying out deadly attacks on Israelis. Actually, I don’t really wonder at all – There would never be enough evidence for you to accept that there was a real threat to life, because you really don’t care either way – you are here to cause and enjoy trying to upset / annoy others on this website. Just a spiteful person with too much time on your hands.

          • evidence means evidence, Everyone accepts evidence. very few people accept assertions more so when the tale changes. firstly we had terrorists who simply wanted to get israeli civilians as prisoners, now we learn that was not the reason. The terrorists wanted to kill the Israelis.

            Very hard to do either given the publicity.

            No mate I am just here to get you and anyone else to show evidence. You simply get upset when you have none and are shown up for that hence the name calling.

          • I think the 180 rockets fired in the last 48 hours should be evidence enough of the intention of Hamas, oh in your head it is not evidence until blood is spilled?

          • Intention to murder kill and maim is not something that is switched on and off, if you are ignorant enough to believe what the press report then more fool you, you do not have to look far to find a video of the Great March of Return to find one with similar intent to infiltrate murder and main on the faces of the infiltrators you are just too lazy to bother looking and admit you are wrong

          • intention to kill through mortars is automatic.

            It isn’t and was not at the demonstration.

            Ah yes you murder people because of the expression on their faces.
            no you only kill people when they attempt to kill other people. thus far you have produced no evidence but different explanations. none really make sense.

          • Neither does your inability to process information provided and perform logical thought processing, convince anyone otherwise what actual evidence do you require of their intent? Their captured orders are in the public domain as are maps and weapons, perhaps I can provide you with a copy of their new charter although it still calls for the destruction of Itself and all Jews worldwide.Where is your evidence that they do not?

          • Mr Chamberlain their charter is meaningless. Another question you have never answered ,nor the writer of this blog, is HOW Hamas could cause the destruction of Israel.
            It is impossible. They cannot even direct rockets into Israel for petes sake. how many of their own have they killed?

            The orders seem to change. Firstly it is to capture Israelis and now this is overruled and they are to kill them.You seem all over the place on this. At least the writer of the blog is not.
            all this is to be done in the full publicity of the whole word.

            you are gullible.

          • Your inability to answer a simple question shows you know nothing apart from your own opinion. Why would their charter be meaningless? It is what they use as the foundation of their UNWRA education of the masses, try reading one of their school books. Earlier in the week courtesy of Iran the proof was despatched into Israel, Iranian supplied missiles, Iran a country that every week pledges to destroy Israel and Jews worldwide, sound familiar? You just cannot see beyond your nose and even then only accept your own interpretation of what is shown to you, coming back with zero evidence of your own.

          • yet another spectacular fail.

            most people think Israel has at least 200 nukes. not much of a fact sheet.and destroys your ‘argument’.

          • Think that 20/30 years ago Israel had to be dissuaded from using nuclear in some conflict. In return they received armaments from the US.

          • Anyone who thinks Iran have done nothing on their development program since 2003 is deluding themselves and as inspectors under the Obama agreement are not allowed to go and check, there never can be any ‘proof’ that they have or have not progressed apart from the documentary information recently obtained and not as yet publicly released.

          • >y .ove. I asked you to detail how either Iran or Hamas can destroy Israel. you haven’t and you won’t.

            you only detail how no-one can attack Israel as they have nukes.
            you like scoring a lot of own goals.

          • And not one shred of evidence to support your stance just more meaningless words, show me that Iran and Hamas have no intentions for the destruction of Israel, you simply cannot…………..

          • Show us that Israel has no intention of annexing all Palestinian land, Neil.

            Can’t prove a negative, see?

          • This is a waste of time. your comprehension problems are monumental. You assert both Hamas and Iran can destroy Israel. When I ask you to provide evidence of how this could occur you cannot indeed YOU provide evidence that no-one can destroy Israel unless they wish to be a nuclear pancake.


          • The waste of time is yours because you refuse to accept that Hamas are intent on harming, killing or eliminating Jews and Israel, despite schoolbook evidence proving indoctrination, in accordance with their mandate and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary exposed on this site, evidence and details which the BBC refuse to report or acknowledge and do not allow anyone to complain about. Just like you ignore the evidence and ask people to prove it without any evidence of your own to counter their argument. You can call me incapable or insult me in any way you wish but you cannot counter the evidence of a determination by Hamas to infiltrate Israel and kill Jews. The fact that the IDF prevent this infiltration and eliminate the threat rather than offering them a cup of tea and cake, you seem to find offensive whereas any other country in the world would act and be allowed to act in this way, so really you are saying that you do not beleive in the right of Israel to it’s own country and self determination. Israel only has 0.06% of the land in the M.E. yet you deny them the chance to defend their border in whatever way they determine is necessary.

          • you continually change the subject when you cannot answer a very simple question. the ONLY question was how can Hamas or Iran destroy Israel. you claim both ludicrously can do so. Yet at not stage have you produced any evidence to that effect. Indeed the only evidence you have produced showed there was no threat to Israel at all.

            very sad

          • Even more sad is your inability to understand what a threat is and continue to deny what has been happening to Jews for a hundred years in this area, how is it that despite being a religion that has existed for thousands of years there are so few Jews in the world < 13 million worldwide yet Islam has only existed for 1400 years and there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world . It does not take a mathemetician to work out that oppression of Jews and Christians has been taking place for millenia but your denial of their right to defend their borders just makes you another one of the racists bigots in the world, enjoy your games and trolling, you obviously have nothing better to give the world.

          • Yet again you wish to change the goalposts. You asserted that Hamas and Iran could destroy Israel. When I called you out on that absurd claim you wanted to talk about anything but that.

            The only thing you are good at is making claims that are clearly claptrap and namecalling those who call you out on that.

            A bit of advice, think before you make statements

          • I do not need your twisted advice thanks,I may be 64 years old but I have forgotten more about world events than you could ever learn, but I note that you prefer to be anonymous like most of you trolls

          • but you do. You cannot concentrate, cannot comprehend and when faced with evidence turn to another farcial argument.
            It is usually forgotten historical events that lead to the fracturing of todays events. none more so than over there.

            if you ever read the Hebrew bible you would know that.

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  7. As I sit here reading through your garbage posts from the comfort of my shelter in Kibbutz Nir-Am whilst visiting my friends, where yesterday we were once again attacked by incendiary kite bombs and in the night we had a ‘tseva adom’ and rockets fired at us, I realise there are just some people who are either too clever for their own good and think themselves superior to the rest of humanity or they are just plain dumb, plain stupid or indeed both. When you are under constant attack regardles of the method employed you are threatened. It does not matter what defenses you use to counter that threat, the trolls like yourselves will just crawl out of their holes and try to counter every argument, asking for answers which they then use against you in order to dismiss you, regardless of how valid ones argument is, typical BDS tactics. A threat to one’s property or indeed life is none the less a threat and threats are made by terrorists who have been indoctrinated from birth to kill. Your tacit condolance of such action makes you a collaborator and my enemy.

    • Garbage is a noun not an adjective.

      The question was HOW can Hamas destroy Israel as YOU contended they could. you clearly will not answer the question but resort to other topics because you made such a stupid claim,.

      I will offer two simple suggestion for peace there, It is only a start.

      Recognise that Jewish terrorists were responsible for killing innocent people in consolidating Israel as a state. Until then any criticism of Hamas and the rest as terrorists will be viewed as patent hypocrisy. No present day Jew is responsible for their evil acts.

      Also recognise property was stolen from Palestinians in the late 1940s. The property can now not be given back so pay compensation.

      It would be a start and totally consistent with the book of Amos.

      • Ah that superior intellect fails you again nottrampis

        Definitions and Meaning of garbage in English
        a receptacle where waste can be discarded
        a worthless message
        food that is discarded (as from a kitchen)

        The rest of your response is garbage, is that better?
        How about reparation from the Arab world to the 800,000 Jews who were expelled or forced to leave their homes and businesses, will there be reparation for them, have they been able to claim millions of dollars for 70 years? Yes I thought you would not be asking for reparation for them. However whilst discussing the subject, as there are only less than 20,000 of the actual refugees alive, then in another decade there will be no issue. The fact that the UN made a special case for Palestinians where refugee status is handed down from generation to generation even when they live in other parts of the world will simply have to stop.
        I still have seen no comment from you about the daily attacks, perhaps you think they are all imagined or as I suspect, you condone them. Like emeff I think your purpose here is to deny and irritate others so TTFN

  8. nottrampis
    In answer to your various questions and assertions, the decades long terror acts of Hamas, combined with those of Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, (and various other non affiliated individuals who need only to obtain a knife), inevitably lead to a weariness of spirit, having to deal with the constant, daily threat to their existence among Israelis. That would be one way Hamas can destroy Israel – by destroying the morale of the people living there.

    As to, “…Recognise that Jewish terrorists were responsible for killing innocent people…”, as a ‘simple suggestion for peace’, where is your evidence that this would in any way have an effect?

    With regard to, “…property was stolen from Palestinians in the late 1940s…”, leaving aside the fact that it’s not even true, from my small knowledge of Islam, it demands that land once owned my Muslims will for ever more be deemed Muslim land, so paying compensation would not stop the Islamic demand for any former Muslim land to be ‘repatriated’, to its former owner, which, as it so happens, was either won in (defensive) war or purchased from Turkish landowners.

    As I believe you to be what is popularly known as a troll, with no, ‘dog in this fight’, but only a wish to irritate and upset, in this case, Jews and Israelis with what would be called in the law, vexatious arguments, I think this will be the last occasion that I waste any more of my time responding to you.

    • Recognising history is only a first step.It is an important step.

      A lot of property was taken from christians. Paying compensation is done simply because the property was taken and cannot be given back. Compensation is the only just way to overcome this problem given no-one of any rationality wants Israel to be dissolved.
      You still have not shown how Hamas can destroy Israel. They cannot even direct their rockets!.

        • Evidence??
          Mate it isn’t the Armenian Holocaust in 1915 !. There are plenty of survivors. My guess is most are now living in the USA.
          It occurred in 1948!

          By the way it is obvious people here do not understand what trolling is.

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