BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – February 2019

The Israel Security Agency’s report on terror attacks (Hebrew) during February 2019 shows that throughout the month a total of 162 incidents took place: 89 in Judea & Samaria, eight in Jerusalem and 65 in the Gaza Strip sector.

In Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem the agency recorded 80 attacks with petrol bombs, eleven attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), one stabbing attack, two attacks using grenades and one attack using a gas cylinder placed inside a burning tyre. 

Incidents recorded in the Gaza Strip sector included 27 attacks with petrol bombs, 22 pipe bomb attacks, 7 attacks using IEDs, four shooting attacks (including one by a sniper), one grenade attack and four attacks using improvised grenades as well as two rocket launches and one mortar attack.

Throughout February one person was murdered and two were wounded in terror attacks.

The BBC News website did not produce any reporting whatsoever on the murder of Ori Ansbacher in Jerusalem on February 7th.

A member of the security forces was injured by a pipe bomb on February 15th and another was injured by an IED on February 17th. Both incidents took place in the Gaza sector.

The BBC did not cover those or any of the additional incidents and the rocket and mortar fire that took place during February also went unreported.

Since the beginning of the year the BBC News website has reported 0.31% of the Palestinian terror attacks that have taken place and the first fatal attack of 2019 was ignored.

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7 comments on “BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – February 2019

  1. It seems reasonable to criticise the BBC for misleading or partial reporting buti think it is unreasonable to criticise them for not reporting terror attacks (as per today’s email) Does the Israeli media have a responsibility to report the current spate of knife crimes in the UK in depth?

  2. Philip – We are talking about the BBC World Service – not the BBC home service – nor the Israeli home service.

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  4. Killing Jews is not terrorism as far as the “progressive” Labor-driven staff of the B(ombastic) B(iased) C(retins) network is concerned. It’s just another yawn over their tea and crumpets (inbetween Momentum meetings.) After all, those Jews always ask for it.

    • Well of course they do, less than 15 million Jews worldwide control everything, the press, the TV, the radio, the internet, Facebook, technology, the banks, the large corporations, the governments of the world and of course 1.8 billion Muslims and 1.9 billion Christians. This incredible accomplishment is definitely worthy of a Paul Daniels merit badge

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