BBC News website coverage of Gaza Strip missile fire in 2018

In the early hours of December 29th a projectile was launched from the Gaza Strip.

“An IDF spokesperson said that a rocket fired from the Strip landed in open terrain in southern Israel before dawn on Saturday, causing no injury or damage to property.

The army said that rocket alert sirens did not sound in the region as the projectile was tracked to land in open area.

In retaliation, IDF attacked a Hamas position in southern Gaza. There were no reports of any casualties as a result of the strike.”

BBC audiences did not see any reporting on that incident which was the twenty-second separate bout of rocket and/or mortar fire from the Gaza Strip in 2018.

The number of attacks launched from the Gaza Strip in 2018 was the highest for four years with over a thousand projectiles fired into Israeli territory. Visitors to the BBC News English language website saw mentions or coverage of just 45% of the incidents and those getting their news from the BBC’s Arabic language website saw even less. 

Nevertheless, that marks an improvement in comparison to 2017 when BBC News website audiences saw coverage of a mere 14% of missile attacks against Israel from the Gaza Strip and Sinai sectors. In 2016 just one attack (6.7% of the total) was covered by the BBC News website and in late 2014 and throughout 2015 the majority of attacks launched from the Gaza Strip were not reported in English.

It is of course extremely difficult to imagine that if terrorists had fired over a thousand rockets and mortars on twenty-two separate occasions in twelve months at British citizens, the BBC would have failed to report 55%  of those incidents. Despite the improvement we see the continuation of an editorial policy which results in audiences and BBC journalists alike being unable fully understand events and their context when Israel is obliged to respond to rising terrorism.   

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10 comments on “BBC News website coverage of Gaza Strip missile fire in 2018

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  2. The only organisation who possess missiles are the IDF.
    When they fire them they know where they are going. Have you heard of them accidentally killing Israelis with their missiles?
    You can only do that if you are NOT using missiles.

    If you do not understand what a missiles is you should not write about it. If you do then you are blatantly lying.
    If missiles were being shot out of Gaza Israel would have every right to invade the territory because thousands if Isaelis would be killed.They have not because it hasn’t occurred. Indeed it could be argued Palestinians are in as much danger as Israelis from rockers fired frrom Gaza.
    Indeed the above table shows how poor these rockets have been from a militarily point of view.

  3. It is plain for all to see that some anti-Semite ruling the BBC’s middle-East policy is minutely controlling every sentence issued about Israel – lying, omitting and manipulating the news – with the long-term hope of removing the State from the map. He or she is wasting nis/her time.

  4. Trying to defend daily offensive attacks on innocent Israeli civilians by claiming that these attacks do not harm people is a joke Nottrampiss and shows that you just like Hamas will try anything in support of your Hamas friends even talking utter nonsense. Yes it is true Israel has enough ammunition to level Gaza but choose not to, yet Hamas insist on nibbling away at Israel’s defenses on a daily basis. These attacks, you, the BBC and Hamas justify as resistance, like the BBC and Hamas your morals were pissed down the toilet a long time ago.

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