BBC News again promotes false claims concerning death of Gaza baby

Some four hours after terrorists in the Gaza Strip began launching an intense barrage of rocket attacks on southern Israeli communities on the morning of May 4th the BBC News website posted a fifty-second long filmed report titled “Dozens of rockets launched into Israel” on its Middle East page.

Using the passive voice to describe rocket fire and the active voice to describe the subsequent response, the video told viewers that: [emphasis added]

“Dozens of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. Explosions could be seen in the sky above Ashkelon in Israel. Israel responded with air strikes and tank fire on Gaza City. The Gaza authorities said one Palestinian had been killed. On Friday two Hamas militants were killed after two Israeli soldiers were injured by gunfire on Gaza’s border.”

In contrast to the BBC’s claim, the Israeli responses, including tank fire, were not aimed at “Gaza City” but at military targets belonging to Hamas’ ‘Qassam’ brigades and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. As usual the BBC did not bother to inform its audiences that “the Gaza authorities” are in fact one and the same as the organisation responsible for the missile fire against Israeli civilians. The people euphemistically described by the BBC as “militants” were in fact confirmed by Hamas as being members of its so-called ‘military wing’.  

Roughly twelve hours later, in the early hours of May 5th, that video was taken down and another uploaded to the same URL.

Titled “Hundreds of rockets launched from Gaza into Israel” the video tells BBC audiences that: [emphasis added]

“Palestinian militants have launched hundreds of rockets into Israel following violence at the Gaza-Israel border on Friday. Israel responded with dozens of air strikes on Gaza which continued into Saturday evening. Israel’s missile defence system intercepted many of the rockets. But several hit Israeli homes causing damage and injuries. Israel said it was striking at Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant targets. Several Palestinians were killed and injured with a baby among those killed, officials in Gaza said. Four Palestinians, including two militants, were killed on Friday after two Israeli soldiers were injured by gunfire on Gaza’s border.”

Once again no effort was made to inform viewers of the fact that “officials in Gaza” in fact means the terror group Hamas. That omission is especially relevant because, in contrast to the impression given in the BBC’s video, the baby concerned was not killed as a result of Israeli actions but by a short-fall rocket fired by one of the Gaza Strip based terror factions.

Moreover, we can determine that the BBC knows that because in a written report published on the BBC News website on May 4th we find the following:

“One Israeli was killed by shrapnel, while Israeli fire killed four Palestinians, including a mother and her baby daughter, Gaza officials say.

However, Israel said the mother and baby were killed by a Palestinian rocket that fell short of its target.”

An additional article published on the morning of May 5th states:

“But Hamas, which controls Gaza, says a total of four Palestinians have been killed.

It says the dead include a woman and her 14-month-old daughter. But Israel says the mother and baby may have been killed by a Palestinian rocket that fell short of its target.”

Notably, despite multiple complaints from BBC Watch, the BBC has still not corrected false claims concerning the death of another baby girl in the Gaza Strip which it broadcast and published a year ago.

BBC Watch has written to the BBC News website regarding this inaccurate and misleading video.

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12 comments on “BBC News again promotes false claims concerning death of Gaza baby

  1. with the greatest respect you have not provided any proof on how the mother and baby dies rather simply gone with what the IDF assert.

    I would have thought the only concrete way of knowing the truth is an autopsy.

    The Health ministry can certainly determine whether a person is dead. however the matter of death is another question.

  2. With all due respect neither do you know the reality of what has taken place, where is your proof that Hadar and the IDF are incorrect? Suffice to say the barrage of 650 rockets launched at innocent Israeli citizens is none the less taking place yet once again you automatically side with the terrorists. Isn’t it funny how you crawl out of your cess pit whenever there is a full scale attack by Hamas on Israel, says a lot about you and your world. Stop the BBC bias by voting for a public enquiry

  3. The ‘Health Ministry’ is a euphemism for Iran-sponsored $billionaires Hamas’ PR Dept.

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  5. Nottrampis: I would expect that the IDF know that this mother and baby were killed by a Hamas shortfalling rocket from checking the Iron Dome system’s collated data, because we have seen previous examples of this system providing information about failing rocket launches from Gaza, in previous incidents. The system works by tracking the trajectory of missiles arising from within Gaza. That’s why it doesn’t even attempt to intercept rockets that are heading for non-populated (open) areas. If the Iron Dome battery is positioned close enough to the border with Gaza, it can start to track them pretty much as soon as they are launched – after all to be able to protect the Gaza border communities where a rocket emanating from Gaza may go from launch to impact in a matter of around 10 seconds, to lock onto the rocket and track its trajectory as soon as possible after launch is absolutely necessary. So if said rocket then falls to earth without actually crossing the border, the system will still have tracked & recorded that trajectory and thus will also be able to show where and when it fell to earth.
    Oh, and there’s also the fact that at least one Gazan news body has reported that the mother and daughter were killed by a failing Gazan rocket, and not an Israeli strike.

  6. oh dear Neil has his problem with english yet again.
    I sided with no-one.
    I merely made the statement ONLY a autopsy could provide a definite explanation.
    Please note I have said before and will now say again it is doubtful whether the health authorities have the expertise to do this.
    Even if they did it would be a waste of resources.
    The opportunity cost of performing autopsies would be people dying because of a lack of treatment

    • Nothing wrong with my English just your technical comprehension. Forensic detectives would normally be the only way of determining whose rocket it was as different types of explosives leave different traces on the body. In this case however that type of proof is not necessary as the proof is that Israel has the advantage of tracking information from Iron dome, so knows exactly where each rocket is launched from and what threat they pose to Israeli citizens, so once again you are talking out of your derriere. You however just cannot stand it when it is proven to you that Israel were not the cause the deaths of these individuals, in this case the mother and child so you side with Hamas rather than the IDF and Hadar.

      • Sunshine, Who do you think detectives to talk to first to start to ascertain the reason of death?

        Nothing has been proven as yet. Perhaps you did not read the link

        The IDF asset. Asserting is not evidence

        • You are telling me there are detectives in Gaza, haha, what a laugh they are not able to conjur up a reasonable police force let alone forensic detectives, they are too busy fighting amongst themselves, but thanks to the BBC we know that they do have a plethora of expert witnesses in Gaza we listen to their ‘paid witnesses on a daily basis’……..It is a beautiful sunny day here however you know very well that my name is not sunshine as endearing as that name is. As I said before you only come out of your pit to gloat when retaliation takes place, perhaps it turns you on? You prefer to ignore the day to day drip feed of Palestinian terrorists who kill, maim, burn, run over, and butcher on the streets of Israel week in week out.

          • Nottrampis: No, you are attempting to gaslight Neil because you have been shown to be ignorant of the knowledge available to the IDF

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