A familiar face returns to the BBC Jerusalem bureau

Long-time readers may have noticed that a familiar name appeared in recent written and audio reports concerning incidents in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza explosions: ‘Suicide bombers’ kill three police officers, BBC News website, August 28th 2019:

“The BBC’s Wyre Davies in Jerusalem says these rare attacks are embarrassing for Hamas and could be interpreted as a renewed effort by Salafist jihadists to confront the group.”

BBC Radio 4 ‘Six O’Clock News [from 22:13], August 28th 2019:

Newsreader: “The militant Palestinian group Hamas has carried out a wave of arrests of radical Islamists known as Salafists who, it suspects, have been behind two suicide bombings in Gaza. Three police officers were killed in the attacks on security checkpoints, which have been blamed on extremists with links to the Islamic State group. From Jerusalem, Wyre Davies reports.”

The background became evident the following day:

The context appears to be a vacancy advertised by the BBC as follows:

Wyre Davies previously reported from Jerusalem (see ‘related articles’ below) between 2010 and 2013. He was also brought in for a short period of time during ‘Operation Protective Edge’ in 2014.

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5 comments on “A familiar face returns to the BBC Jerusalem bureau

  1. If Davies continues with realistic and impartial reports, he won’t last long as a BBC Middle-east reporter.

  2. I did notice this unusual coverage of intra-Palestinian suicide bombings, and wondered how long it will last. But the part that makes me laugh is the line that says “Your judgement will be next to none in news and current affairs…” I think I know what the advertiser wanted to say, but what actually made it to the advert descrbibes current BBC staff to a “T” ! It tells us all we need to know about the BBC’s commitment to accuracy and attention to detail, at all levels.

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